Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Thoughts on the Divergent Trilogy

Having heard a large number of people absolutely rave about "Divergent", and with the release of the film fast approaching, I decided to read them. I was determined to read at least the first book before I watched the film (which I did, but I never actually got round to seeing the film so I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD). 

Having finished the entire trilogy yesterday, I thought I'd share with you my views on the books, both individually and as a whole.

Firstly, the cover of the books my sister picked up are absolutely stunning. I much prefer them to the ones I've seen splashed about a bit more. 

The first book in the series is called "Divergent" and tells the story of a young girl named Tris who lives in a world where she must conform to one groups ideals, due to the amount of division that is found in her world. She meets lots of interesting characters on her way, including Four who she kind of falls in love with. 

I absolutely love the fact that Roth decided to use such a strong female narrator throughout the trilogy. She's exceptionally independent and definitely dominates a majority of the story as a whole. It's good to see a girl not being totally reliant on a man. 

The story of the first book throws you straight into the action which I really loved and that is why I kept reading and ended up finishing the entire trilogy. I love Roth's writing style, and the fact that she's kept the faction idea quite simple to understand, even though it could have become quite complicated. It was really obvious to me throughout the whole story that Roth knew exactly what path she wanted her characters to take (or if she didn't then that's how it seemed). There was something interesting going on in pretty much every chapter and I felt that there was a really good balance of description and action that allowed me to really build up my own opinions and thoughts about what the characters were thinking and feeling. In the end, I gave the book 5/5 stars because I felt that it was an absolutely incredible read. I couldn't put it down and got through it in a matter of days. It wasn't predictable to me, and there were quite a few unexpected plot twists that really made me think. 

Given that I loved "Divergent" so much, it was almost 100% necessary for me to read the second book, "Insurgent". I was so excited to get into this book as I had lots of questions from the first book and was really interested to see where Roth wanted to take her story next. I most certainly was not disappointed! Without giving away too much of the plot line, the events that occur in the second book are just as unpredictable as the first book, and that's the beauty of them both. 

I was really worried before starting the second book that I would end up feeling sorely disappointed, seeing as I liked "Divergent" enough to give it 5 stars. It was a massive concern to me that I might not enjoy the second book so much and would end up not wanting to bother reading on to the third but actually, this is probably one of the best follow up books I've read (not that I've read many). I guess I've kind of always considered it a little bit of an unspoken rule that as a series goes along the content gets worse and worse. This was not the case for "Insurgent" and I ended up giving it another 5 star rating.

As "Insurgent" was so incredible for a second part, I was super excited to give "Allegiant" a try. Unfortunately, I was not so enthusiastic about this one. So much so that it ended up taking me almost 2 and a half weeks to read because I was just so unmotivated to try. As the story went on, it did become more interesting so I ended up giving it 3/5 stars. But it left me wondering what the point really was of the whole trilogy. I don't really want to go into it too much because that will kind of ruin the whole plot, but I just don't understand. It also confused me a little that this book was written from the narrative perspective of both Tris and Four, whereas the first two were just from Tris' view. I understand that it may have been necessary for the plot to develop, but I didn't like the fact that there was no continuity from book to book. 

Let me know in the comments if you've read the books and what you thought of them. You might disagree with my dislike of "Allegiant" but I've got a feeling quite a lot of people are going to dislike it as much as I do. 

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