Thursday, 26 June 2014

New beginnings...

Last March, I decided to start a blog which I titled "Tutus and Ballet Shoes". I used it to document all aspects of my life and share all of the little things that I'm passionate about, from food to beauty to photography.

Recently, I started thinking that maybe I should change my URL. I titled my blog "Tutus and Ballet Shoes" as when I was younger I decided to try writing a story and that is what I titled it. As my blog grew and became more important to me and my life, I found that I felt a little bit unsure about the blog as whole because I was no longer entirely enthusiastic with the blog title, and that meant that I lost enthusiasm for the layout and colour schemes. I felt that the blog as a whole didn't entirely represent what my blog was about and was a little misleading.

After much deliberation, I decided to start a new blog title "My Senses Come To Life". I called it this for a number of reasons. It was inspired by the beautiful lyrics of Ed Sheeran's song "One". I'm a massive Ed Sheeran fan and felt that the new title represented what my blog has become more. 

With this new blog, I'm exceptionally excited to make a new start. There's been lots happening in my life over the past year - it's been pretty crazy. I feel like this blog is helping me to metaphorically open a new chapter in my life.  

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