Friday, 27 June 2014

What My AS Level Year Taught Me...

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Today's post is all about the things that I learnt in school over the past year, other than the obvious subject lessons.
  • The most important lesson that I learnt was that people are generally a lot nicer than they first appear. This is pretty much a poor judgement on my behalf of others, but throughout the past year, having been forced into a relatively small space with such a massive group of people, I've realised that people who I first thought weren't particularly nice are a lot more friendly than they first seemed to me. 
  • Regardless of your situation someone always understands. And even if they don't necessarily understand entirely, someone is always willing to have a good try.
  • You don't always have to look 'perfect'. This was something I have always had massive insecurities about. I know that people say nobody is perfect, and that is true, but I do like to try. I've realised in the past year that as long as you're friendly and approachable, people don't care that much what you look like. And if they do, then they probably won't tell you to your face anyway. 
  • Having gone through my school years seeing sixth formers roaming around while I'm stuck in lessons, I've always envied the amount of free time they get and the fact that, unless they're in lessons, they have a great amount of independence and freedom. Having finally got the chance to experience this for myself this year, I've concluded that frees can actually be pretty boring. 
  • If you put some effort in, making friends with people isn't that difficult.
  • Having struggled a little bit with feeling anxious about things in the past, I've now understood the power of a small group of friends, and how much they can affect your life. I'm very fortunate to have made the friendships that I have this year. In some cases, they're people I thought I'd never really associate with for a variety of reasons, but I'm so glad that I've got the chance to meet the people that I have, and I wouldn't change them for the world.
  • Teachers can actually be pretty cool. Not all of them (obviously) but given the fact that I'm now in sixth form, I've noticed that the teachers attitudes towards us as students has changed quite a lot. There's definitely a much greater sense of equality between students and teachers, and some are actually super cool, kind people out of lessons.