Friday, 4 July 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge | Summer Bucket List

Today's #2014BloggerChallenge post is titled "Summer Bucket List", in which I shall be sharing with you all of the things that I want to do this summer!
1. Create more vlogs. I absolutely love vlogging and video editing but never really get the time/opportunity to do so. This summer I intend on creating more! I want to post a video at least once a week when my summer holidays start (although I don't know how realistic that is). 

2. Go to the beach. To be honest, it had to be on here. Who doesn't want to spend a day at the beach when it's super sunny?

3. Go to a festival. I'm actually already doing this! I'm off to the British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park this Sunday, and I shall definitely be writing a post about it/making a video.

4. Take lots of photographs. For photography purposes and for my own records so that I can look back in the future and remember what a wonderful summer I had.

5. Record a song and make a music video. This will hopefully be happening if I can get everyone I need involved. And of course I'll be uploading it to YouTube for your enjoyment.

6. Read at least ten books. This should be a reasonably easy one, given the amount of time I'm going to be spending at home and the fact that I've got a Bookish Bingo challenge to get on with - very excited!

7. Spend lots of time with friends and family. Particularly my sister, who's moving to London in September. I'd also love to see a lot of the crew (especially Amy!).

8. Go to somewhere I've never been before. Again, not sure how easy this is going to be but I'd like to think that it can be done. We'll have to wait and see I suppose!

9. Have a BBQ. I absolutely love the taste, smell and whole atmosphere surrounding barbecues and would really love to have one! They're one of my favourite things about summer!


  1. This looks like a really awesome list, with things you should be able to do relatively easily. Good luck and enjoy! :)

    1. Thank you very much :) I decided to try and make sure that my ideas were realistic!

  2. This seems like a great idea! I hope you can get all these things done! If you do, it sounds like you'll be having quite the summer.

    Check out my post about organization:

  3. read books! I set my mind on that too!! *hi5*

    ps: i nominated you for a Sunshine award!!


    1. Thank you very much for nominating me! I'm ill at the moment but I'll do the post as soon as possible! xx