Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Barclaycard presents: British Summertime, Hyde Park

On Sunday the 6th of July, I went to London with my sister, Katrina, her boyfriend, Mat, and his best friend, George. We got the train to St Pancras and headed via tube to Hyde Park, where we grabbed an exceptionally classy McDonalds before sitting outside the entrance gates for about an hour to get in to the festival. 

This is an exceptionally photo-heavy post! I've collated several photographs from all four of us from the day, although I didn't actually take many because I was in charge of filming (video soon?). A large bulk of the photo credit has to go to the lovely George who lugged his big-boy camera around with him all day (plus two lenses) and ended up getting some absolutely fabulous photos! 

If you don't already know, my sister is in the middle and Mat is on the right...

...So this is obviously George.
The crowds were undoubtedly enormous. We spoke to one of the security people just before the final performance and he said that at the last count 63,000 people had entered the park. 
Given that exceptionally vast number, we were actually very lucky to be able to stand in a really good position. We didn't pay premium price for our tickets so were standing in the General Admission area (which I've been referring to as the peasants' section - haha!). We managed to get right up to the barrier and were pretty much centre stage, and seeing as we got such a good position, we were determined to keep it throughout the show which pretty much meant that one of the four of us had to be there at all times in order to be allowed back to our little space (and trust me, it was little). 

The first act that we watched perform were the fabulous Diversity. If you don't know who they are, they're a really cool dance act that won Britain's Got Talent a few years ago. It was really nice to be able to watch them live as I've always felt that they're an extremely talented group. George managed to get some pretty cool action shots of some of their tricks!

The next act to perform were Scouting For Girls who were probably one of my favourite acts of the event. It was really cool to hear some of the songs I listened to pretty much daily a couple of years ago performed live, including their opening number Heartbeat and their closing number She's So Lovely. It also became apparent to me throughout their set that I actually know a lot more of their songs than I initially thought I did. Needless to say, I was in my element (as were the other three I believe). 

After Scouting For Girls, The Vamps performed. Given that the four band members are all under the age of 20, they did an absolutely fantastic job. I didn't know a lot of their songs but the ones I did know were performed really well, and they did some really great covers of Mr Brightside by The Killers and Trumpets by Jason Derulo. They also played my absolute current favourite song Can We Dance which made me exceptionally happy (and my friend Nathan was pretty pleased that I called him and left a voicemail of the whole song while he was at work).

My sister and I had to venture to the loo at this point which was a bit of a game. We had intended on buying a bite to eat on the way back but the queues were massive so we decided against it because we were determined not to lose our space. Meanwhile, George had also gone wandering and returned back to find that he could not get back to where he had been standing. He also happened to have an ice cream with him (which he'd payed a ridiculously overpriced £3.50 for) and so took a couple of snaps of the three of us trying to make space for him. 

The Backstreet Boys were next to perform. Three girls approached us beforehand and asked us if we'd mind letting them stand in front of us for their performance because they were massive fans. We agreed on the condition that we could return to our spot afterwards. I couldn't really see much of the performance so didn't get much footage of it (short people problems) but George did manage to get a few snaps for me. I've actually seen more of their performance in these few photos than I did on the day. Of course they sang everybody's favourite song Backstreet's Back.

The final act to perform was the incredible McBusted! I was so excited to see them because McFly and Busted were literally all I listened to when I was younger (I cried when Busted broke up). I was an exceptionally happy bunny throughout the entire performance, and did get a little over the top at some points. They played all the old favourites, including Air Hostess, Room On The Third Floor and Obviously to name a few. They made about 4 different entrances, and each one was so perfectly formulated. I felt as though I knew every word of their songs and was singing/screeching along at the top of my voice throughout the whole set. My personal favourite had to be All About You which is my favourite McFly song anyway, but I loved every single track that they played.

A beautiful rainbow came out when they sang Five Colours in Her Hair which went perfectly with the song, and which Danny joked that they'd planned (although I wish they had decided to cancel the rain part of it - we got soaked!) Nonetheless, it was a beautiful natural addition to the show and made the whole scene even more magical.

The show closed with a literal bang, as a ton of fireworks exploded into the night sky, supported by the sounds of crowds cheering, clapping and going crazy, and the iconic Busted hit Year 3000.

After a spectacular day, we headed back through the field towards an exit. The amount of rubbish on the floor was grotesque but I suppose that's what you get when there's 60,000+ people and no bins. 
We caught the tube from Hyde Park Corner to St Pancras, then got on the train back home. 

Overall, I had an exceptional day with some of my favourite people. It was nice to properly go for it and get to hear some of my favourite songs performed live. It was unbelievable and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Mat for getting us the tickets - what a babe. 

And in line with the British weather, we even got a spot of rain on our British Summertime, but like a true Brit, I came prepared with a raincoat and embraced the rain. It was just a minor hiccup on what turned out to be one best days of my life so far.


  1. You've got some pretty cool pics in there! It looks like you all had an awesome time, and definitely got to see some pretty good bands as well :3 Lovely rainbow, just for you guys! <3

    1. Thank you very much :) We had a fabulous day! <3