Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Big Decisions...

It has come to my attention recently how much extra pressure is added onto you as you get older. 

I'm a 17 year old girl, currently studying for 4 A2 Levels (although I'm dropping one of these in the next couple of months) and I'm effectively being asked to make some massive decisions that are going to dramatically impact my future. 

Today was a focus day at our school,  in which we had a few discussions on universities, among other things. I've always felt that there's a massive lean towards going on to further education at my school, but I suppose that is to be expected due to the type of establishment it is. Nonetheless, it's tricky for me to fully involve myself in discussions about university when I don't really feel like uni is the path I want to take in life. 

In the position that I'm in right now, I'm not entirely sure where my life is heading as I have no set idea about a particular role or job title that I want to gain. All I know is that from my life I want to be the best person I can be, and excel at everything I do. I love the thought of being able to grow as a person and gain lots of different experiences along the way. It's never been a big desire of mine to go and study at a university because I feel like that would not benefit me particularly, as I'm a much more hands on kind of person and would rather just go out there and do things. 

I suppose what I'm driving at, is the fact that there are always more options than you think. I don't like the fact that young people have to make such big decisions when really they don't have the life experiences or maturity to be able to decide "this is what I want to do for the rest of my life", so I'm taking that pressure off of myself. Next year, I won't be applying to university, not because I object to the idea of going to university, nor do I think that people who do choose to go to uni are wrong, I just want to feel like I'm completely happy and I don't think that I would be if I went to university. 

Given today's talks, I'm strongly considering applying for an apprenticeship scheme in something media/publishing related. 

Let me know in the comments below how you feel about the pressures young people are put under to make important life changing decisions!


  1. So I am 21 now and when I was in 6th form (aged 16-18) all of our year were pushed towards going to University or a college at the very least. I'm not an academic type whatsoever, so I said no and that I would rather get a job than go to Uni. I'm the kind of person that if I want to learn about something, I will do it in my own time!
    There were about 6 days focused on the Uni-goers and then the 10-ish of us who didn't want to go to a Uni just had ONE day with someone to see what our other options were. School push for Uni but then if that isn't your choice they honestly didn't seem to care about us. I've been out of school for 3 years and have worked at Morrisons for those 3 years too. My friends who are now graduating Uni can't get jobs anywhere, even with degrees.
    I'm glad I didn't go but I'm sad I missed out on the experience of it all. But I'm happy I have a job and income and don't have any debt!
    Your future is really up to you and don't let your school force you or scare you into anything. Remember you can always go to Uni later in life if that is what you eventually choose :) I still have no idea what I want to do with my life but for now, I'm pretty content with things!

    Sorry for the essay >.<
    Tania xx

    1. I'm glad you've written this essay to be honest. It really annoys me that the options never really seem to be available. It's kind of a uni or nothing situation and that's just not right for everyone. I know that this year my school have tried a bit harder to make us aware that there are other things people can do and have had a few different people in to speak to us, but there's definitely a much greater push for people going to uni and occasionally I feel like there is a little less respect for those who feel it's not the option they want to go for. That might not necessarily be true but it's my perception of things.

      I'm glad you're content though! I'd rather be happy with my life than earning lots of money doing something I'm not all fussed about. Wherever you end up going with your life, just make sure that you're happy and there's nothing else to worry about really :)

      Big love!