Monday, 21 July 2014

#BloggersDoItBetter | Five Facts About Me

For this week's #BloggersDoItBetter post, Gemma (Touch of Belle) has asked us to write a lifestyle post. This task is pretty easy for me, considering my blog is predominantly based around my life, so I thought that I'd share five facts about myself today that you may or may not already know.

001. I'm a massive fan of Coronation Street

For those of you that don't come from the UK, Coronation Street is a soap-opera that airs approximately five times a week (usually two episodes on Monday, two episodes on Friday and one episode on Wednesday/Thursday). 
It's been on TV for over 50 years now, and there's been thousands of episodes produced. Obviously I've not watched it from the start, but growing up, it's always been something that my mum and nan watched, and I guess I just got into the habit of it. I find it to be quite a good way of relaxing and getting out of my own world and into someone else's for a while, and I find that some of the story lines are really quite touching.

002. I suffer from migraines (with aura) 

When I was in year 8 (which must have made me about 12/13 years old), I had my first ever really bad migraine. 
The type that I get are called 'migraines with aura' and for me, this is how they go: I get an exceptionally weird, sort of light-headed feeling, followed by the loss of half of my visual field in both eyes. This part is definitely the scariest part - it becomes really apparent to me that this is happening when I try and read, and can only see bits of the words. Following this, I get an excruciatingly bad headache, causing me to feel extremely nauseous, and on the odd occasion actually making me sick. 
The first migraine I had was completely out of the blue, and I kind of brushed it aside as some sort of bug/virus because I had never had one before and I didn't have another one for a while. However, from about January 2010 I started getting them more frequently due to stress and ended up taking quite a lot of time off school. I did head to the doctors and was referred to a paediatric neurologist who performed a number of tests and scans on me to make sure my brain was fine. In the end, the doctors concluded that the migraines were probably caused by a change in hormones and they put me on a tablet to be taken daily called Pizotifen which really helped with the headaches and reduced the amount of time I had to spend off school. 
Within the past month, I have been taken off the Pizotifen. I'm heading straight back to the doctors the minute I get another migraine, but so far I've not had one and so it's looking like the migraines may well have been influenced massively by hormones which I'm really happy about. It's nice to be off the medication for a while, and I know that if I need it I can always go back on it. 

003. I'm not a very confident person and lots of things make me feel anxious and uncomfortable

I've always been a little shy. When I was younger, my sister and I were polar opposites when it came to confidence. She's exceptionally outgoing and always appears able to talk to people, whereas I used to hide behind my mum when we went out because I didn't like being the centre of attention. 
Over the years, I've obviously grown in confidence, although I'm still not an overly confident person, and I find social situations can be quite uncomfortable if I'm not familiar with the people or the place. I always try to push myself through the anxiety barrier but it's not always easy. I go through phases of feeling quite up for a challenge and then feeling like I'd much rather be alone, and it has caused me to isolate myself in some situations. 
I've seen a lot of motivational posts/YouTube videos around this topic and have found them exceptionally uplifting and helpful, and it's made it easier for me to tell people if I'm feeling anxious or uncomfortable in a situation which is something very positive, as people are quite accepting of my position, and are usually more than willing to try and help me out if I need them to!

004. I have never been to Disneyland

Something a little more light-hearted. I've never actually been to Disneyland which really sucks. I got the opportunity to go earlier in year 12 with the school, but decided against it because I'd rather not fork out the money to potentially spend a few days in Disneyland with people I'm not particularly keen on.
I'm definitely looking forward to the day I get to go, and when I do go it'll be with people that I want to spend time with. 
Hopefully in the next few years?

005. I'm always looking for ways to improve myself

This is a little fact that I feel a lot of people can relate to on some level. I feel like life is all about making the best of things and being the best person you can be, and that is ultimately what I intend on doing. 
Recently, I've been trying to eat better, drink more water (although it has to be flavoured because pure water isn't great) and just look after myself a bit more. I'm also trying to get involved in more projects, gain some new skills, and be a better person overall.


  1. I haven't been to Disneyland either but I'd still love to go even though I'm over 40. I'm glad to find out I'm not the only person who hasn't liked spending more time than needed with their classmates. I'm sorry about the migraines, it must be an awful feeling, I've never ever suffered from a headache other than sleep deprivation or being hungover... I hope you'll never suffer them again.

    1. Hahaha, in my opinion you're never too old for a bit of Disney!
      It's just one of those little things that I've learnt to deal with, there's been a massive improvement so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they stay away. Thank you very much for your kindness :) xx