Sunday, 13 July 2014

Last Week... | 06.07.2014 - 12.07.2014

  • Sunday was one of the best days I think I've had so far this year. I headed over to Hyde Park to the British Summertime festival with Kat, Mat and George. I wrote a full post about the day which you can view HERE! 
  • After all the excitement of Sunday, Monday was always going to be a complete let down. I woke up feeling exceptionally tired and had next to no voice. Wandered to school and saw the lovely Amy in photography. Then had a double english lesson (one of the last ones EVER!). At lunch, I headed over to Farmfoods with Nathan, Daisy and Sam to grab a bit of chocolate, and then went back to school for an RE lesson, in which we discussed existentialism which was really quite interesting.
  • I didn't actually go to school on Tuesday because I found that whenever I walked around (even just from the living room to the kitchen) I didn't feel as though I was taking in enough oxygen. It was a really bizarre feeling that left me quite light-headed. Throughout the day I managed to finish "Lord of the Flies", correct a media essay, finish editing my BST video and edit a load of photos. I actually ended up posting my BST write up on Tuesday, as well as watching "Bride and Prejudice" and catching up on Sunday's TOWIE. 
  • My return to school on Wednesday was really worthwhile! In the morning, I had a double english lesson in which we had a little party and ate lots of food. I also had a double media lesson, which was all about Laura Mulvey's "Male Gaze". I headed home at lunchtime, and spent my afternoon reading, watching TV and generally just chilling out. 
  • Thursday was spent writing a timeline for photography and studying more about Laura Mulvey's theories in media. Other than that, I headed to Lidl which has recently reopened and now has a bakery! I was exceptionally excited to see that they sell little baguettes for 19p (I can see myself spending a hell of a lot of money in there over the next year). I also saw my driving instructor briefly after school which was nice.
  • On Friday, I had double RE in the morning, which was mainly spent chilling and chatting. I then had a double free in which I watched a bunch of people playing Cards Against Humanity and then hopped out at 12.30 for a driving lesson. I did a mock practical test in the lesson and only got 6 minors which I was happy about. There was a teachers vs. sixth form football match at lunch which I managed to catch the second half of (if you're interested, the score was 2-0 to the teachers). I had double english in the afternoon which was probably my last ever english lesson unless it's raining on Monday. When I got home, I spent the evening playing the Logo Board Game and hanging out with my family which was nice.
  • Saturday was a day of going to shops. Firstly, myself and my parents headed over to Sainsbury's to get the weekly shop, and then we went to John Lewis and Dobbies to have a look around. We ended up buying some new plants for the garden which was pretty cool! I spent the afternoon reading and watching TV. 

  • "Boy Meets Boy" by David Levithan
  • "Atonement" by Ian McEwan

  • "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding
  • "Heart-Shaped Bruise" by Tanya Byrne
  • CURRENTLY READING: "The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks

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