Sunday, 20 July 2014

Last Week... | 13.07.2014 - 19.07.2014

  • I didn't do much on Sunday other than a bit of reading, and a bit of planning for photography!
  • Monday was my last ever Rounders Day at school! You can view my post on the day HERE. It was probably the best Rounders Day I've ever had, and I also headed out on one of the lovely Amy's driving lessons (view her blog HERE).
  • Tuesday morning was spent in a supp study period, although I actually ended up spending the entire two hours talking to Nathan and watching Ollie and Laura (among others) play Cards Against Humanity. In media, we discussed the representation of women in Girls and Sex and the City. I also came up with a potential question for my coursework which I'm pretty pleased about! After lunch, Nathan and I headed to the hall for the annual "REACH Awards", which celebrate the achievements of the students, as nominated by the students.
  • Wednesday was Sports Day, so I walked to a local sports centre with Sam, Nathan and Ali. On the journey, Ali read me some of his poetry (more on that soon!) and I started to regret my decision to wear thick black leggings. The day was pretty good overall, although my community lost, everyone got a little bit sun-burnt, and a fair few people ended up getting sent home with sunstroke. After 6 hours in the heat, myself, Sam and Nathan trekked back to my house, and I was extremely pleased to find a carton of juice in the fridge - very refreshing. 
  • I spent Thursday almost entirely with Amy. I had double photography in the morning, which I spent chatting to the photography teacher about the poor sports day results. I had a double free, and wandered to Lidl with Lucy and Emily. I also watched them both get a Henna tattoo. In the afternoon, I had double media without a teacher. Amy and I managed to get the start of the summer task done, and then wandered into town to meet her Dad for a Costa. The three of us headed back to her house and, at 5.30, Andrew picked me up for my driving lesson, with Amy tagging along for the ride. Ultimately, I don't think I did too bad a job, just a handful of silly mistakes that will soon be resolved.
  • Friday was the last "final assembly" at my school. I wrote a detailed account of my day HERE. I also saw Caz in the evening (find his YouTube channel HERE
  • On Saturday I popped to Sainsbury's to help with the weekly grocery shop. I headed into town with mum so that she could buy some three-quarter length trousers (which we didn't end up getting) and so that I could buy a couple of boxsets for my media research (which we also didn't end up getting). We did, however, manage to pick up a few new items of clothing, and quite a few arty bits. 

  • A calligraphy set
  • Lots of scrapbooking papers
  • Lots of double sided tape and glue dots
  • Two maxi skirts (blue and pink)
  • Two pairs of leggings
  • A pair of black wedges
  • Cards Against Humanity

  • CURRENTLY READING: "The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks

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