Sunday, 27 July 2014

Last Week... | 20.07.2014 - 26.07.2014

  • Sunday was a really relaxed day for me. I spent the morning installing new anti-virus software onto my computer, and also had a massive clear out of my computer. It's a lot cleaner now and it's a lot faster so that makes me very happy. 
  • On Monday, my friend Ali came round to begin a very exciting project. Ali is an amateur poet that writes spoken word poetry. He wanted to put himself 'out there' as it were, and get a bit of publicity for his work. Myself and Amy (That Hypermobile Girl) agreed to help him out as we've got equipment and software that makes the creation of videos a lot easier. As Amy is currently on holiday, I took the reins on the first video. To be honest, I'm not entirely happy with how it came out, but overall it wasn't too bad for a first attempt. 
  • Tuesday would have been an incredibly boring day if my dear friend Sam hadn't turned up. He came over at lunch time and we spent the afternoon chilling. I jumped on the phone to my friend Caz and he headed over to mine. It was super nice to see him and have a little catch up! 
  • On Wednesday, my friend Sam came over again, and we made a bowl of butterscotch Angel Delight which has recently become one of my favourite things to eat. I headed out on Sam's driving lesson with him in the afternoon, and when we returned to mine Caz came over again. We spent the evening making personalised Cards Against Humanity cards. 
  • Thursday was probably one of the funniest days I've had in ages. In the morning, Sam, Nathan and Caz came over and the three of us ordered pizza and played a rather hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity. Caz won the game (as suspected) and I came second which I was pretty pleased about because, you know, second the best and all that! We also played a game of cheat, and when I headed outside to water the plants, Caz absolutely soaked Sam - very amusing! 
  • In contrast to the excitement of Thursday, Friday was a day of relaxing. I spent the morning watching Orange is the New Black which I'm absolutely loving at the moment, and went out for a driving lesson at half 12 which was super nice. In the afternoon I managed to make lots of progress on Nicholas Sparks' The Choice and also helped Dad pack away the online grocery shop (because I'm a top daughter).
  • Saturday saw the return of my lovely sister from Wales. In the morning I headed to Sainsbury's with my parents, and in the afternoon I ate my first Magnum of the year! In the evening, we also had a little games night.

  • A new external hard drive

  • "The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks
  • CURRENTLY READING: "Boy Meets Boy" by David Levithan

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