Thursday, 31 July 2014

Life of a Blogger | Favourite Outings

I love going out. 

It's quite difficult for me to get around these days as I haven't got a car and people are generally pretty busy. I don't like public transport particularly, especially not if I have to go alone, and so recently it's been easier for me to just stay inside and be antisocial. 

However, I've had a couple of favourite outings in the past couple of years that I'd like to discuss with you today. 

The first happened last year. It was a trip to Kings Wood with Peter. It was such a simple trip in which we literally drove to the woods and then walked around the entirety of it, but it was such a lovely day. It was a warm day, even though it was a bit rainy, and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I wrote a post about it on my old blog and included some of the following photographs.

My other favourite trip happened literally a couple of weeks ago, when myself, my sister, Mat and George headed to Hyde Park in London to Barclaycard's British Summertime festival. It was such a lovely day! I wrote a blog post on it that you can view HERE and I also made a little video for you to watch. 

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  1. Lovely pictures! It sounds like a wonderful time :)