Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Month in Photos | June 2014

This month has been super fun and super jam-packed with lots of different things! There seems to be an abundance of food in this post among other things but you know, who doesn't love a bite to eat every now and then. 
I'm going to quite miss June but I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store in July! 

 Sainsbury's had a little deal on Ben & Jerry's ice cream | Installed a few expansion packs for my sister | Absolutely love these cheese and onion bake things

 Nothing better than a glass of orange squash on a hot day | Painted my nails in Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine "Pomegranate" | Bought two new pairs of sunglasses, absolutely love them

 Cooked some absolutely delicious sausage rolls | Returned to school after study leave | Got a couple of absolutely lovely gifts from the beautiful Amy who went to France

 Bought loads of storage bits from eBay to organise my makeup collection! | Took a little selfie | Went for a catch up with a couple of my favourites, Hannah and Ollie, in Burger King

 Celebrate Father's Day with my lovely dad who I love lots and lots | Posted up my lipstick collection (which you can view here) | Gained a slight addiction to quiche

My sister's best friend, Imogen, bought me a nice little present | Shared a few Malteasters with Amy | Managed to make the entire coin shield thing with Tom, Amy and our media teacher 

 Started analysing the work of Brendan George Ko for photography | Went to see "The Fault In Our Stars" with a group of my favourite people | Went out for a nice evening meal with Kat and her boyfriend, Mat

Went to see the Canterbury Christ Church University production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" with Kat and Mat which was absolutely fantastic | Went for a nice trip out to Canterbury with Amy and came across this rather beautiful building | Also managed to get lots of photographs taken for my A2 coursework

Had an incredibly interesting UCAS with Jack (left) and Sam (right) | My dear friend Peter and I at a school concert | I GOT MY COPY OF ED SHEERAN'S MULTIPLY!

 Blueberries and icecream for dessert | Changed my blog URL and blog design - so happy with it | Found a little rainbow in my glass 

Borrowed "Lord of the Flies" from school | Had a nice relax with a Honeyed Papaya candle from Sainsbury's while watching Big Brother | Did some serious redesigning for my new blog

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