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"The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks | Review

SOURCE: Bought
TYPE: Paperback

TITLE: The Choice
AUTHOR: Nicholas Sparks
PAGES: 311



Travis Parker has it all: a good job, great friends, a dream home in North Carolina. And in this dedicated pursuit of the good life, Travis has absolutely no interest in a woman ruining it all. 

That is, until Gabby Holland moves in next door.

Despite his extra neighbourly efforts, the alluring redhead simply will not warm to him, rebuffing his every attempt. But Travis is strangely compelled to get closer to her, leading them both down a road where they will face tough decisions, shocking revelations and heart-wrenching consequences. 

How far would you go to keep the promise of love alive?

Having read Dear John, The Last Song and The Notebook, I was already a massive Sparks fan, so I was really interested to get into this novel. I knew there'd be some sort of relationship because that seems to be the general trend with his books that I've read so far, but of course, in true Sparks fashion it was always clear to me that there would be twists and turns throughout the plot that are unexpected. 

The story starts with a prologue that is dated February 2007. I was particularly pleased to read that this section of the book was set at time period in which I was actually alive. The book is written from a third person perspective, and it is hinted right at the beginning that there is destined to be some sort of surprise, as the narrator states "the best stories are those in which the ending is a surprise". 

The main characters, as with most Sparks' novels that I've read, are a male and female who end up in a romantic entanglement. 

Travis Parker is a vet and Gabby Holland is a physician's assistant. Their meeting is unusual to say the least, but quite clichéd - to be expected in a Sparks novel. 
Nonetheless, both characters have brilliant little personalities, as does Travis' sister. They have a really brilliant dynamic.

This novel is set in Beaufort, North Carolina. There are two parts to the book, and this allows for a jump in time. I found the recurring places that the characters were found in were very helpful as they allowed me to gain a greater depth into what was happening where and what each place was like. I also really liked the fact that they took ordinary trips out, as well as doing extraordinary things - my favourite part of the entire novel was the boat trip. 

I really liked the book, it was emotional and well written (as all Sparks books are) but at times I did find it difficult to get into and really enjoy because it felt a little waffly. The action didn't really start until about two thirds of the way into this book. "Part One" was really difficult to motivate myself to read as the outcome was a little predictable, but when the book picked up, it was really good! I loved the ending and felt it really complemented the rest of the book, giving a strong sense of how Travis felt about Gabby. I gave the book 3/5 stars because it was a good read, but took me a little longer to get through than I had hoped.

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