Monday, 14 July 2014

The Final Rounders Day

One of the traditions at my school is this little thing called "rounders day". Our school is split into six communities, and each community plays games of rounders against other communities to hopefully gain an overall victory against them. It's a perfectly straightforward concept, and it's one that I've come to dread in the lead up to the day, but ultimately every year I've loved it more and more. 

In my entire time at school I've only ever been involved in three proper rounders days. The first was in year 7, then in year 8, and finally today's games while I'm in year 12. In both year 9 and year 10, the games were called off due to bad weather, and last year I was not present due to being on study leave. Similarly, I'll not be present at next years' either as I'll be on study leave again, so today's games were genuinely my last rounders day at school (presuming that all goes to plan grades-wise). 

Given all this information, I thought it would be a wise idea to document what I actually got up to on my final rounders day as I feel like it's something I want to cherish, regardless of how much I've disliked some aspects of it in the past. In essence, this year's rounders day has been the best one I've ever been involved with, and I'm so thankful to have been able to share it with some absolutely beautiful, brilliant and all-round spectacular people, who have come to be some of my greatest and most treasured friends over the past year. 

Although this post is technically about rounders, you'll probably note that there wasn't all that much rounders involved in my day. I managed to sneakily get out of actually playing any games (which I was super pleased about) and even though I could have spent my day chilling in bed at home, I'm so glad that I went in because I felt as though I've created some really fantastic memories that I will not forget in a hurry. 

After registering in mentor, I had an RE prefect meeting. Although only three of the prefects turned up, the RE teacher asked us to do a little sprucing up of some RE noticeboards, so we headed to the corridors/classrooms to update the paint on the noticeboards. I never realised that using a roller could be such a work out, but was absolutely thrilled with how they turned out. 

After break, I headed outside (finally!) and sat right in the sun (wise move) with the fabulous Amy, keeping and checking the score sheets. We were sat there for approximately 2 hours, and I was thrilled with myself for remembering my sun protection spray! I applied it a couple of times within that 2 hours, simply because I felt so hot and the spray was nice and cool. I also got a share in Amy's Pringles, Fanta and foam bananas, and spent the remainder of the time chatting with various people, including the lovely "Mr Deadlines" aka Peter, and Carmel (my RE buddy who I love dearly).

At lunch, I chilled out with some really good friends of mine, including Nathan and Sam. I gave Sam a bit of cash to buy me a burger from the BBQ that the staff were putting on, and then spent a while relaxing in the shade. 

I re-registered after lunch, and then headed out with Amy to take some photographs with a disposable camera for her photography question which was exciting. I also got the chance to properly watch a match. We did lose, but we definitely made a valiant effort and I was super proud of my team. 

Outside of rounders, I also got the chance to sit in the back of one of Amy's driving lessons. I was actually really excited and I felt like she did a really good job, especially considering the extra pressure of me being in the car. Andrew even made her do her first parallel park and then dropped us into town. We wandered over to Boots so that Amy could put her camera in to be developed. 

And that pretty much rounds up my rounders day. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as a whole, although I've probably not presented it very well in this post. I've never had such an uplifting and joyous rounders day, and I'm really looking forward to sports day on Wednesday, although it's never as good as rounders. 

Peter eating an ice lolly

The lovely Nathan

My best friend, Amy

Tom and Lottie <3

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