Friday, 18 July 2014

The Last Final Assembly

Summer is finally here. 

After approximately 11 months of working hard, today was the last day of school before the summer holidays. I've been really looking forward to this day for the past couple of weeks, as I've felt so tired and generally have just needed a rest. Nonetheless, I had to get through the last day of term first, and I can honestly say that this particular last day has been one of the best I've ever had. 

This year's last day has been amazing purely because it's such a relief to finally have a break and relax. There was no real sadness as no one I'm particularly close with is planning on leaving, so the day was filled with celebrations and smiles. 

This morning, I had double RE. It was a pretty short lesson that consisted of my class trying to piece a timeline together. We also managed to watch some clips of Dead Poets Society to highlight some existentialist ideas. 

I then went of to break followed by a double free. I spent a little while talking with some of my absolute best friends including Amy and Nathan and then listened to Ali reading some of his spoken word poetry (more on that soon maybe?). 

Here's the bit that may explain the title to those of you who aren't sure what it's all about. Traditionally, our school does a 'final assembly' every year, in which the entire student body squishes into the school hall to say goodbye to the teachers that are leaving, and to receive medals and certificates for various different things. This was definitely the most emotional part of my day, as I came to the realisation (whilst we were singing the S Club 7 hit Reach For The Stars) that this is the final time I'll ever have the privilege of sitting in on one of these assemblies. Next year, I'll have finished school entirely about a month before this assembly happens. Although the hall is always exceptionally hot and way too hot, it's always nice to see everyone coming together as a collective group. It's pretty rare that everyone is found in the same place and, to me, the final assembly is worth going to simply for the sense of community. 

After this point, we headed to mentor where I said my goodbyes for the summer, particularly to a really incredible teacher who kind of stepped in and saved our mentor from being a complete and total disaster. He's still at the school next year, but he's been moved to a different mentor group which really sucks. 

We were allowed to leave school at 1, but I stayed behind until almost 10 past 3. I'd intended on heading into town with Lottie, Tom, Nathan and Sam, but it was so hot that we decided against it, and remained in the common room playing Cards Against Humanity and listening to some tracks from High School Musical. It was such an enjoyable and humorous afternoon spent with some of my absolute favourite people that I adore. 

At about 3:20, myself, Nathan and Sam arrived back at my house. It was actually extremely pleasant spending the afternoon with them. We hung out in the garden for a bit (in the shade) and just generally had a lot of casual chat and some laughs. Sam left around 5, and Nathan stayed until approximately half past, by which time my best friend, Caz, had turned up at my house on a very spontaneous visit. 

Caz and I have been best friends for a number of years now, I love him dearly and he means a hell of a lot to me. We don't see each other particularly regularly because we have very different lives and not a lot of time, but he's 'that person' that I know I can turn to in a time of need. He heads round to mine on average once every month or so (although we've decided to make much more effort to see each other more often over this summer holidays). It was as fabulous as always to see him and it really was the cherry on top of what was already an incredible day. 

I'm already planning a day where myself and some of my favourite people can get together over the holidays, as I'll really miss them all otherwise. 

L to R: Sam, Nathan, Me, Tom


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