Sunday, 24 August 2014

Last Week... | 17.08.2014 - 23.08.2014

  • Sunday was a super chilled day of writing blog posts, reading and watching YouTube videos!
  • Monday I was home alone, so I decided to get a bit of work done. I sat down and ordered a few DVDs for media, and then got on with a couple of little bits of photography work.
  • Tuesday was a super busy day. I headed to Sainsbury's to buy some flowers and then walked to Amy's house (That Hypermobile Girl). When Sam, Timi, Chelsea and Natty turned up, we headed over to a local field with Amy's sister to get a bit of my photography work done. I probably should have done it a while ago, but ultimately that didn't happen so now I'm in a bit of a mad rush to get it done. Afterwards, I had a driving lesson which I felt was pretty successful. I completed a ton of bay parks (some were definitely more successful than others) and then drove a little route I'd never driven before which was nice. 
  • Wednesday was the second home alone day of the week. I decided to film and edit my makeup collection video, because I'd not uploaded a video in a long time before that. It took several hours but I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I also got a lot of reading done on this day, and edited a lot of my photography photos while trying to come up with new and exciting ideas for things I can do in the future for my portfolio. 
  • On Thursday, I woke up early and headed into town with my mum so she could pick up her English GCSE result (she got an A). We did a little bit of shopping and then popped back home, before heading out again to Sainsbury's to do a bit more shopping. In the afternoon, my friend Caz came over having passed his A1 test completely, he now has a bike license so no longer needs 'L plates', happy days! 
  • Friday was spent chilling with my friend Nathan. We intended on seeing The Inbetweeners 2 but in the end we couldn't be bothered. We did play a few card games and Monopoly (I won them all!). In the evening, Caz popped over again for a little while.
  • Saturday morning was super dull, but in the afternoon I headed out to my grandparents house with my mum and dad. It was nice to see them and spend a couple of hours chatting with them. Came home and watched Dr. Who (which I was disappointed with) and then sat chatting with the family.

  •  Lots of new clothes and shoes! (New Look, Sainsbury's)
  • The Body Shop satsuma body mist 

  • "Dancing in the Dark" by P.R. Prendergast
  • CURRENTLY READING: "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" by J.K. Rowling

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