Thursday, 21 August 2014

Photography | The Floral Dictionary

On Tuesday, I headed out with some friends to get a few photos for my photography coursework. I was super happy with the images and wanted to share them with you lovely lot!


  1. Aww, these really did turn out great! I loved how the people were never the direct focus, but instead it was the flowers and we could see those in complete clarity. But the best thing about it was definitely the definition of the words and how it matched the pictures you took. It might've been nicer if they were somehow easier to read? Maybe in bold or so. Otherwise, fantastic!

    1. I think I like the fact that the people aren't the direct focus as well, I think that's what makes these so strong. I've been trying to consider ways of making the text a little clearer but I want them all to be kind of identical in format and the way they look so I don't want to change them too much, will have to have a think because some are definitely clearer than others. Thank you very much!