Friday, 15 August 2014

Results Day...

As some of you may know, yesterday was the AS/A2 Level results day.

I was so nervous as I walked to school yesterday, but as soon as I got there and saw Amy (That Hypermobile Girl) I was almost immediately calmed down. 

Walking to the hall was an experience, and as I picked up my envelope and stood with Amy and her mum, Kathy, to open it, I had a massive spurt of confidence. I'd been waiting since the end of May to see what my results were and I couldn't stand not knowing for a moment longer. 
Overall, I was exceptionally happy with my results. I gained A's in English and RE and B's in Photography and Media. I did a lot better than I ever expected that I would and was super thrilled with my marks and grades. I'm continuing on into year 13 studying Photography, Media and RE, and I'm super excited to get my teeth stuck into new projects!

I was also thrilled to see so many happy faces around me, particularly of the people that have supported and helped me out over the past year, both inside and outside of school. As with every year, there were people who were disappointed with the outcome of the day. To those people: you're incredible regardless of what grades you got, you're talented and wonderful and even though things didn't turn out as planned, everything will turn out alright in the end. That's the way the world seems to work from my experience.

I've been working super hard all year in order to try and gain the best results possible for myself. While balancing homework, coursework and revision and trying to keep some level of social activity and looking after my blog which has kept me sane at times this year. I've also been going through the general stresses of teenage life, coped with Peter moving away, kept positive while mum was in hospital and learnt that life is always unpredictable. I've learnt to be an individual and follow my own heart, regardless of what other people think. 

I've been forcing myself to do more this year, and pushing through that horrible anxious feeling I get when I'm in situations I don't feel comfortable with. I caught a train to London by myself (although I've not managed the tube yet), been to a couple of job interviews, stood up and talked in front of a classroom of people (although not particularly confidently), felt more comfortable walking to places on my own, started driving lessons and genuinely started to gain self-confidence and feel better about the way I look. My insecurities, to me, have been more manageable and I've just felt much more positive and happy in recent months. 
I've lost some friends and gained a few, and I've also learnt that life's not all about popularity and being with the 'in crowd', it's about being happy and surrounding yourself with people who bring out the best in you. I feel like I've made some actual friends for life this year, and I wouldn't change them for the world.
I've seen some terrible things happening to other people this year too, and noticed that bad things seem to happen to the people that deserve it the least. I'd like to think that I've been as supportive as I can be to those people, for a friendly chat, a cuddle, or to metaphorically shake them and tell them to stop worrying because it always gets better. 

Excuse this incredibly wordy post. I was feeling reflective and really wanted to get these words out there. 

If you took A/AS Levels this year then let me know how you got on in the comments, and if you're collecting GCSE results next week then good luck! I hope you all achieve everything you want to achieve.

I love you all.


  1. Honestly Bev, without you there for me this year, who knows what stupid things I would've done! You are a complete God-send to me! You've kept me sane and level-headed when I've been irrational, you've always been there for a chat when I've been down or happy for that matter. Seriously, don't know what I would've done without you <3 stay being you xxx

  2. It's good to see you reflecting on the year you've had and realized where you and where you've got now. I know that the wait must've been a very hard and long one as well. But now you've had the results, and I am so glad you did well! Congratulations! Make sure you go for a well earned celebration and all :3 I hope you have a good future year as well!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm feeling super positive about the next year, I think the results were a good sign :')