Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Sunshine Award | Two

I was nominated by the beautiful Barbs at 300 Days of England to do a second sunshine award a couple of days ago and thought I'd get it done for you lovely people today. 
As I've done this before I'm only going to answer Barbs questions, and you can read my original post over here!

My answers to Barbs' questions:
Do you have any recurrent dreams?
Not that I can think of really. 

Something that reminds you of your childhood.
Mainly trips to my grandparents house. I really love heading in their direction because it reminds me of all the fun I used to have hanging out with my sister during the summer holidays. We used to do all sorts of great stuff, and headed to Bingo at the local pub every Tuesday afternoon. I always kind of dreaded winning though, purely because I hated walking up to collect my prize.

Favourite pizza topping?
It depends on my mood! I love all sorts on my pizza. Sometimes I like a nice Hawaiian, but at other points I prefer really meaty pizzas, or just a simple cheese and tomato. As long as it's not olives or anchovies, I'm game.

Lipstick or nail polish?
Well that's a very tricky question. I absolutely adore both and seem to spend a lot of money on them both. If I had to choose one I'd go for lipstick - it makes me feel sophisticated!

Most hated food?
Hmm... generally seafood like prawns and shrimps and mussels and things.

Do you still listen to the bands/singers you liked when you were younger?
Rarely. But when I hear their tunes then I do sing along. 
The only exception I can think of to that is Mcfly/Busted. They were my two favourite bands when I was in primary school and I absolutely love them still!

A piece of art that best describes you.
I like to consider myself one that appreciates all different forms of art. From paintings to photography, and from dance to music, I'm a great lover of art in general. Therefore, I've chosen a piece of music that I believe best describes my emotional state at present. 

What's the next place you will visit on holiday?
There's so many places that I want to go to, and I'm not sure where I'm heading to be honest. It'll be very much a case of what I can afford and who I go with. I'm hoping to have a short holiday with a group of friends next year, so here's hoping!

Celebrity crush?
Without a doubt, Ed Sheeran.

Do you miss anyone right now?
Yes. Undoubtedly. I miss him every day he's away. 

Tell us a joke ;)
Why is the football pitch always wet?
Because the players dribble so much!

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