Wednesday, 3 September 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge | New Beginnings...

Today is my first day back at school for a brand new year, and as this post goes live I'll be just waking up and getting ready for my day. I'll probably be sitting in the living room having a cup of tea and panicking about the day ahead. 

The past year's been quite a journey, but I intend on maximising the next year and making it the best school year ever, seeing as it's my last one! 

It's shocking to me to think that after this next 10 months or so, I'll no longer be in education and will be looking for something to do next in life. It's come around so quickly to be honest. The past three or four years have literally whizzed by, and now we're here and I'm preparing to embark on my final year at school. It's scary to think that this time next year I'll be out in the big wide world, but also kind of exciting. 

From here on, I intend on being more committed to things. I want to try and do a lot better in photography this year so I can come out with an A rather than a B overall... I know it sounds silly and a B is good, but there's nothing wrong with aiming high. 

Furthermore, I want to continue sharing my life with you guys on this blog. I'll be writing recipes each week (hopefully) and I'll also be reviewing books and posting up bits of work that I'm completing at school as always. 

I really want to improve my YouTube video content as well, and will hopefully be uploading more frequently and have much more interesting things to say. It's going to be a careful planning situation but I feel I'm going to have the time to balance it all as long as I keep working hard. 


  1. Great way to start the new school year Bev love your positivity. Good luck and I know you can achieve that A your photography rocks. Xx