Sunday, 14 September 2014

Last Week... | 07.09.2014 - 13.09.2014

Sunday 7th September
  • Got a lot more painting completed in the living room - all the walls are now done and dusted!
  • Managed to make a solid start on an RE essay
  • Watched The X Factor while eating a bar of Galaxy Cookie Crumble chocolate

Monday 8th September
  • Headed into school for a Monday morning photography lesson - managed to organise the entirety of my coursework and I now know where my project is going which makes me happy
  • Popped to mentor to pick up my new timetable (which now includes supp study)
  • Had a brief but stressful RE prefect meeting trying to organise this term's enrichment activities
  • Went to supp study (typical that I should get it on the first day it is compulsory) with Tom and Peter O. Can't say I got all that much work done... in fact, I did nothing, but we had a laugh so that's what counts, right?
  • Double RE consisted of chatting about the exile and Sam's computer crashing before he had time to save his work. Needless to say, he wasn't best pleased but myself and Ollie were cracking up
  • Stayed for an extra 45 minutes after school with Sam, Ellie and Emily for some extra RE help. Me and Em had a nice chat about media coursework...
  • Chatted to Peter on FaceTime for a couple of hours, so didn't get to bed until about 1AM

Tuesday 9th September
  • Went into school for another double supp study. Spent it talking boys, religion and politics with Lucy, Dawber, Sam, Amy and Ed. 
  • Was forced to go outside during mentor to play a pointless team-building game
  • Watched half of The Grand Budapest Hotel in media
  • Spent lunchtime chatting YouTube with Ali
  • Went to photography with Amy (and Nathan decided to pop along with us) which was pretty fun. Didn't have a teacher so spent the 100 minutes we were there in fits of laughter
  • Came home and spent the evening trying to improve on my RE essay
  • Wrote up a page for my photography portfolio

Wednesday 10th September
  • Woke up and had a nice early morning bath - no lesson first thing so stayed at home and started organising blog posts and emails
  • Popped to school and sat through a dull assembly about community achievements 
  • Had a double media lesson, in which I finally managed to come up with my coursework essay title! This lesson also consisted of a nice chat with Amy and Tom and watching several adverts surrounding the slave trade (some of which were rather disturbing)
  • Came home to an empty house so phone my dear friend Caz for a nice two hour catch-up
  • Sat down at my laptop and decided to get a bit of media work done - began researching the representation of young people in the media

Thursday 11th September
  •  I had a full day at school
  • Double photography consisted of myself and Amy making steady progress on our coursework.
  • Had a short chat with the photography teacher who has predicted me a B grade for the end of the year (still determined to get an A)
  • Went to an RE lesson and spoke to one of my RE teachers who has predicted me an A grade for the end of this year
  • Had an RE seminar, super interesting
  • Went to double media in which we finished The Grand Budapest Hotel

Friday 12th September
  •  A super good day that consisted of two RE lessons - the first was spent in seminars again, and the second was spent presenting an essay plan
  • Popped to mentor to hang out with some of my favourite people
  • Went for a driving lesson - was super relaxed and actually had a really nice chat with Andrew (instructor) who was very pleased with my ability to drive
  • Came home and did a bit of homework - what a life
  • Packed my bag ready for a trip to London

Saturday 13th September
  • Popped to the train station with my mum and got a train to London Victoria with my nan and two aunties
  • Got off the train and met Peter, headed on the tube towards his
  • Peter cooked me lunch and we spent a couple of hours watching Toy Story 3
  • We headed out and about and went for a walk around a local park, and watched a few rowers on the Thames
  • Went back to Peter's flat and he played guitar for a while
  • Met my family at Victoria and got the train back home
  • Spent the evening watching X Factor

  • A train ticket to London Victoria!

  • "When You Were Older" by Catherine Ryan Hyde
  • CURRENTLY READING: "Landline" by Rainbow Rowell

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