Sunday, 21 September 2014

Last Week... | 14.09.2014 - 20.09.2014

Sunday 14th
  • Spent the morning measuring windows for new curtains
  • Headed to John Lewis with my parents to look at fabric and order the new curtains for the living room
  • Popped into Sainsbury's and bought two new cushions to add to the slowly increasing collection in the living room
  • Got on with some RE and Media work
  • Watched The X Factor in the evening

Monday 15th
  • Went into school for a double Photography lesson with Amy
  • Had a prefect meeting in which we organised assisting year 7 lessons
  • Had a very dull double free 
  • Headed over to Lidl with Nathan and Lizzie, and wandered back to school eating sliced salami
  • Had double RE in which I sat with Sam and Megan. We were discussing the nature and value of humans according to Christians - pretty interesting if I'm honest
  • In the evening, my sister and her boyfriend made a return from London in preparation for her graduation. Was nice to have a catch up with them

Tuesday 16th
  • Woke up super early so I could have an early morning bath 
  • Headed to school for supp study, read through Sam's personal statement, did some Media work and ultimately had a pretty reasonable time
  • Double Media consisted of a new teacher, a conversation about Finding Nemo and watching the opening sequence of Back to the Future
  • Popped to Lidl again at lunch with Nathan and Daisy. Daisy kindly bought me a cookie 
  • Had a single Photography lesson in which I wrote up the editing process of my Floral Dictionary shoot
  • Headed back to mine with Sam and baked coffee cupcakes (recipe coming soon!)

Wednesday 17th
  • I got to school at normal time for a double free which I spent with Tom and Ollie playing Cards Against Humanity. We also headed up to Lidl and Ollie bought me an Angel Slice
  • I had my school photo taken
  • Did some RE homework in my free period
  • Headed up to a Philosophy lesson in which we discussed Buddhist views on the nature of human life
  • Double lunch was spent with Tom and Nathan, chilling in the common room
  • In double media, I made good progress with my research blog
  • Came home and had a long chat with Caz on the phone
  • Ordered the week's shopping and bought some cake ingredients (exciting times!)

Thursday 18th
  • The first lesson of the day was Photography, which I spent writing up the editing process of my fourth photo shoot. 
  • In mentor, our entire year group headed out onto the field to play "Capture the Flag" in the sun
  • Double RE consisted of listening to presentations, talking about OT essay questions and then a fire drill at half 12 which meant that the lesson finished early and we all headed out to line up
  • I headed home at lunch with Sam and Nathan for a bit until Nathan had to return to school for afternoon lessons (conveniently, Sam and I had the afternoon off)
  • Popped out to Sam's driving lesson with him 
  • Spent the remainder of the afternoon chilling and chatting with Sam

Friday 19th
  • Had a very relaxing bath before heading up to school at 9:15
  • Went to a single Media lesson with Amy and Tom, in which I updated my research blog further
  • Headed to mentor for Cake Friday and participated in a music quiz
  • Went out on a driving lesson. Sam came too. Went reasonably well
  • Came home and filmed three more sections for this week's video. Don't know if I'm going to get it all filmed and edited in time which is stressing me out a little
  • Received my embroidery hoop in the post. Also got my PicStick personalised photo magnets which are beautiful
  • Headed out in the evening to pick up the new curtains for the living room from John Lewis

Saturday 20th
  • Spent the morning watching YouTube videos and talking to Peter on FaceTime
  • Received my fragrance from Library of Fragrance in the post - super excited to review that for you soon! 
  • Read a bit more of "Rivers of London" by Ben Aaronovitch
  • Took lots of photographs for future blog posts
  • Got a lot of school work done
  • Helped my parents hang the new curtains

  • Some gold thread
  • My dad's birthday present

  • "Landline"by Rainbow Rowell
  • CURRENTLY READING: "Rivers of London" by Ben Aaronovitch

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