Sunday, 28 September 2014

Last Week... | 21.09.2014 - 27.09.2014

Sunday 21st
  • Pretty uneventful day on the whole, spent a significant portion of the day talking to Peter while my parents were out at my grandparents house for lunch
  • Got a lot of work done (edited and uploaded a video, finished a couple of essays, did a lot of media research)
  • My friend Caz rolled up at my house and helped me film some last minute clips for my video
  • The two of us baked a hazelnut torte (yum!)

Monday 22nd
  • Had an unproductive double Photography lesson in the morning
  • Double supp study in the middle was relatively interesting - worked through an RE reading about Buddhism and debated with Tom, Matt and Sam
  • Headed to double RE in the afternoon which saw the start of our new topic (Critical Theories)

Tuesday 23rd
  • Double supp study in the morning meant I had a lot of spare time to chat with Sam and Nathan
  • Double Media was spent improving and working on my A2 Media blog
  • Had a double Photography lesson in the afternoon with no teacher, so spent the lesson chilling with Amy and Orla

Wednesday 24th
  • DAD'S BIRTHDAY - gave him his present in the morning (a new T-shirt he wanted) 
  • Had a double free first thing so worked on some blog/video ideas
  • Went into school and attended a double Media lesson 
  • Came home in the afternoon and wrote an RE essay
  • Sam and Nathan turned up later on for a few hours (we played hand tennis and ate cake)

Thursday 25th
  • Double Photography in the morning involved a hell of a lot of photos being taken for a photo shoot
  • Sat through a short assembly about UCAS
  • Went to a double RE lesson with a single period of Literature and a single period of Philosophy
  • Had a rather thrilling lunchtime sitting with Ali, Hannah, Nathan and Daisy
  • Headed up to Media with the beautiful Amy and continued analysing Educating the East End 
  • In the evening, I headed out to Sainsbury's with my mum and bought three new books and some chocolate!

Friday 26th
  • Double RE in the morning consisted of a single Philosophy lesson (talking about the value of human life in Eastern religions) and a single Religious Literature lesson (talking about ways that different Christians read the Bible) 
  • Had a hilarious conversation in mentor about fame
  • Went to sit in on a year 7 lesson, but the teacher was not in school today so I didn't have to do this in the end - headed to the careers library and chilled with Sam and Jack for a bit
  • Met my dad outside school and walked back home at 12
  • Spent the afternoon catching up on YouTube videos and hanging out with dad
  • Watched Coronation Street and X Factor in the evening while eating Cadbury's caramel chocolate
  • Also, decided to try out the 30 day ab challenge, simply because I want to motivate myself to get fitter

Saturday 27th

  • A nice chilled morning watching TV with my parents
  • A not so chilled afternoon catching on the work I should have been doing in the morning

  • "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn
  • "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman
  • "Daughter" by Jane Shemilt

  • CURRENTLY READING: "Rivers of London" by Ben Aaronovitch

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