Sunday, 7 September 2014

Last Week... | 31.08.2014 - 06.08.2014

  • Sunday was a really fun day. In the morning I headed to Sainsbury's and Staples with my mum to get some stationary bits for the return to school. I spent the rest of most of it painting the feature wall in the living room with my parents and I actually really love the result. It looks great! The evening was spent sorting out my fabric transfer of my photography, and then catching up on Doctor Who
  • On Monday, I spent a majority of the day watching and analysing episodes of various TV programmes for media. I was home alone all day because my sister was at work so had a pretty chilled day which was nice! 
  • Tuesday was the final day of the holidays! I had driving lesson in the morning which went really well, and then I came home to help my sister pack up her bits and bobs ready for her move to London. In the afternoon we filmed a super fun video together which was nice, and in the evening I panicked about what I had left to do for school. 
  • On Wednesday, I woke up bright and early, and headed to school for half eight. As it was the first day back, we all had to register in our mentors which was pretty cool. I was really happy to see all my friends, and was also pretty pleased with my timetable. The rest of that day consisted of a dull assembly, a couple of free periods, a single RE lesson and a single media lesson which was super nice. 
  • Thursday was a pretty normal school day. I had a double photography lesson in the morning, and it was nice to catch up with Amy. I then had double RE before heading home at lunch with Sam. We spent the afternoon chatting with my sister about all sorts of random things. In the evening, my friend Caz popped over to show my dad his new motorbike.
  • On Friday, it was Community Day at school. It's actually pretty sad that it's our last ever one, but it was such a good day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In the morning, my mentor group got set on our noticeboard, and then we went out and did a tug-of-war against other mentors in my community. We won every single game we played which made us champions again! We were pretty excited about that achievement. After break, we headed to the gym to complete an obstacle course and then went out to take some photographs of the whole group together which was a nice relaxing activity. After a brisk walk to Lidl at lunch, I headed back to the mentor room and we all went outside to play some fun little mini activities. We weren't particularly good at any of them, but the final activity we did (running under a skipping rope) was the biggest achievement as we managed to get all 28 members of our mentor group running under the skipping rope at the same time which was super nice. After all this excitement, we headed back to the mentor room to turn Wes into a superhero, which we presented to the whole community. It was such a nice day, and was a really good way of easing us all back in to the spirit of things. I'm really positive about my mentor group this year as I feel like I've got such a good supportive group of people around me. I feel at this point I should mention a bunch of names: Emily, Katie, Nathan, Wes, Jordan, Alisha, Alice. When I got home, my sister was packing up a few of her final bits and bobs ready to be taken to London on Saturday, and then she left home to move to London on the train. Sad to see her go but super excited for whatever comes next for her. 
  • On Saturday morning, my parents packed all of my sister's things into the car. The three of us picked up a parcel from the post office (The Pointless Book is finally here!) and then drove up the motorway to London to take all of my sister's stuff to her. We were probably only there for about 40 minutes before heading back home via McDonalds. When we got home, I wrote some of an RE essay and then started filling out a bit of my Pointless Book, before uploading my YouTube video with my lovely sister. I spent the evening watching X Factor.

  •  Some thread and an embroidery hoop

I also have a guest post on Gem's blog which you can view HERE.

  • CURRENTLY READING: "When You Were Older" by Catherine Ryan Hyde

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