Thursday, 11 September 2014

Life of a Blogger | Where Were You Thirteen Years Ago?

This is definitely an interesting question and one that I actually hadn't really considered. My life was pretty different thirteen years ago. I was only four years old, so I was just beginning primary school, reception year.

I remember being pretty shy in the beginning. I didn't really like the fact that I had to spend a whole day without my mum, dad or sister there to help me out, but I think the transition between nursery school and primary school was actually pretty smooth for me on my first day. I might have shed a couple of tears on the first day when my mother abandoned me at the gates, but by the time she came to collect me in the afternoon I was probably perfectly fine!

Given that I was only four years old, I was definitely not particularly advanced in my life skills, although I remember being pretty damn good at reading (so they put me on the highest level of Biff and Chip books from the beginning!) I was a very happy little bunny.

My reception class had this computer that had a funny little game on it. Pretty sure you had to collect the apples or something, but to this day I still remember the witch glaring out the screen at me - I was clearly scarred for life.

Another memory of my first year at primary school occurred on one of the first days. We were only there for a couple of hours, as I think it was a sort of induction to the school and they were trying to get us used to not having our parents nearby all the time. I did two drawings with stencils that I adored: a cow and a pig. When my mum arrived to take me home, I picked up my pig drawing but left the cow behind. I didn't realise until we'd left the school and I remember being super upset that I'd lost this drawing because I really want to show my mum.


  1. "abandoned me at the gates" hahaha :') bless you xx

    1. haha, it was very traumatic at the time! xx