Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My Month in Photos | August 2014

This month has definitely been action-packed at times, and it ended almost too quickly for my liking. We've been doing a lot of home improvements throughout the August, and I've also decided to start baking lots more. I've been sharing my recipes with you guys every Monday so you can perhaps try something different!

 I refound my moustache necklace | I started the Harry Potter series... FINALLY... which I'm really enjoying | My dad and I made some Angel Delight

I began my own personal photography project | I bought a heap of cookery books... | ... and began baking! Starting with chocolate brownie cupcakes

 I made some strawberry shortcakes | I refound a beautiful lipstick by Miss Sporty called 'I Poke' | We began redecorating the living room

A photoshoot for photography with some really great people | Essentials for a day out | A glass of wine at Pizza Express with Peter

I won a giveaway! | THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE FOR ALS | Preparing some wallpaper

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