Saturday, 6 September 2014

Why Do You Blog?

Over the years, I've become more and more involved with online communities. It started when my dad finally agreed to letting me have Facebook in 2009. At that point, Facebook was literally the coolest thing and everyone had an account, I updated it almost daily and basically it just took over my life a bit. 

After a few years, I started to change my taste in social media a bit. I set up a Twitter and a Flickr account and also started really enjoying YouTube as a platform. It's about this point that I started watching the likes of Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter, and it's also about this point that I became interested in blogging. I saw that a lot of the YouTubers I was watching had a blog of some description that they updated every so often, and was interested in following a few of them. Given that YouTube and Google connected, it was super easy for me to set up a Google account and start following a few of their blogs. I didn't really ever see myself getting into blogging in a big way, but I enjoyed reading what other people were getting up to in their lives.

It wasn't too long after that that I set up my first blog Tutus and Ballet Shoes. The thought of some of my first posts really makes me cringe now but I'm super glad that I took the leap and started. My initial posts were very amateur and not well thought out at all, but over a period of time I managed to get the hang of the blogging thing more and more. It became more interesting for me to sit down at my laptop and write about life, fashion and beauty products I enjoy than to do much else to be honest. And as my first blogging year went on, I expanded into writing book reviews and more in depth lifestyle posts with photographs, as well as getting involved in a few different challenges within the community, such as #2014BloggerChallenge, #BloggersDoItBetter and the weekly Life of a Blogger segment. 

I decided to change my blog when my old blog reached a whopping 90 followers. It was a pretty tough decision which I did dilemma about for a while, but in the end I figured that changing to a completely blank canvas was definitely the way forward for me. My new blog is less about the figures and more about writing to enjoy it which I think I lost as the numbers rose on the previous blog. 

I have, however, had many conversations with my dad about blogging because, to be frank, he just doesn't get it. I think it baffles him that I actually have something worth sharing with the world, because I'm definitely nothing special in the grand scheme of things. On numerous occasions he's questioned why anyone blogs and I always find it so difficult to answer because I don't really know myself. I do know this though:

1. I love to write

2. I prefer writing to talking
3. Blogging helps me be creative and expressive
4. I've met some really amazing people through blogging
5. Reading blogs has helped me out loads (advice, inspiration, tips and tricks, etc.)
6. I like the thought of being able to look back and remember things in years to come (and I hope I'll still be adding to my little space of the internet)
7. There's something very satisfying about receiving positive comments which I absolutely love
8. The time I spend writing to my blog is when I feel most relaxed, blogging doesn't stress me out like lots of other things do and that's why it's come to be so important to me

I do want to know why you all blog though, so that the next time my dad questions the blogging community I can give him lots of really genuine reasons why blogging is so brilliant to other people as well as myself. Leave me a comment below letting me know your thoughts on blogging and your blogging story! 


  1. Those are some brilliant reasons to love blogging, and I share a lot of those as well ^.^ I think it's cool that you managed to make that change. And don't worry about it, all first posts are cringe worthy! I am glad you become a blogger because you're one of my few blogger friends with a blog I will always happily come back to. I started blogging because I want to be a writer and that a good way to go about it was building up an online platform through blogging. It grew into much more than that though ;)

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    1. Awh! Thank you very much, I'm super glad you found me back when you did, love your blog equally, and love the fact that you comment on my posts and properly get involved in the spirit of things. You'd be a great writer so I hope you get what you want in the end! xx