Sunday, 12 October 2014

Last Week... | 05.10.2014 - 11.10.2014

Sunday 5th

  • Got lots of knitting done - seriously, loads!
  • Didn't upload a video. Sorry! 

Monday 6th

  • Double Photography - had a discussion with the teacher about artist links I could make 
  • Double supp study was spent chilling with Daisy, Ali and Angus
  • Double RE in the afternoon saw us begin learning about critical theories when reading the Old Testament

Tuesday 7th

  • Double supp study in the morning - very dull
  • Had double Media in the middle, in which I got on with my essay 
  • Photography in the afternoon was actually very productive - helped Amy with a shoot and got lots of my own work written up

Wednesday 8th 

  • Spent the morning filming my new video
  • Headed into school for double Media in which I finished the first draft of my essay
  • Stayed at school for a while and spent time with some friends

Thursday 9th

  • In the morning, I attended a talk on apprenticeships
  • Learnt how to improve my CV
  • Walked to Lidl with Tom and Nathan 
  • Had a brief meeting with a teacher about what I want to do when I leave school
  • Came home, chilled, watched Outnumbered and did a bit of RE work

Friday 10th

  • Headed into school for double RE in which we discussed utilitarianism, secular views on the value of life, and different critical views on the Bible
  • Got my school report - pretty good on the whole!
  • Sat in on a Year 7 RE lesson and helped some students in understanding religious views
  • Headed home and got on with lots of work
  • Went to Sainsbury's in the evening to buy some sweet treats

Saturday 11th

  • Spent my morning chatting on the phone with Peter
  • Filmed next week's YouTube video with the lovely Caz - very exciting! 
  • Got lots of editing done
  • Watched Outnumbered

  •  Lots of Halloween treats

  • CURRENTLY READING: "Vampire Academy" by Richelle Mead

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