Sunday, 19 October 2014

Last Week... | 12.10.2014 - 18.10.2014

Sunday 12th

  • Hopped in the car and trekked up to London to see my lovely sister
  • Came home and got on with some knitting

Monday 13th

  • Headed into school for double Photography with Amy
  • Had a dull double free which I spent sitting in the common room with Suruthi, Angus, Chelsea, Tom and Ollie
  • Went to double RE 

Tuesday 14th

  • Double supp study in the morning was spent chatting with Sam and Hannah
  • Got lots of work done in double Media - watched Memento and got exceptionally confused
  • Photography in the afternoon was spent chilling with Amy before heading back to the common room to see Nathan, Tom, Ben and Angus

Wednesday 15th

  • Had a double free in the morning which I spent reading and surfing the internet
  • Went into school for assembly followed by a single free
  • Had RE which was spent revising for a test 
  • Had a meeting at lunch with my media teacher about retaking my AS coursework
  • Went to double Media in the afternoon and got some more of my essay completed 
  • In the evening, I headed back to school with my parents for review evening - pretty good on the whole

Thursday 16th

  • Double Photography in the morning was spent predominantly helping Amy sort out her shoot
  • Had double RE in which we looked at different ways of reading religious texts
  • Came home in the afternoon with Sam and baked some plain cupcakes
  • Went out to Sam's driving lesson with him

Friday 17th

  • In the morning, had a single free so didn't leave the house until about 9.15
  • Went to Media with Amy and Tom and read through the comments my teacher had written on my work
  • Had a very successful driving lesson at 11 
  • Came home and hoovered the house
  • Nathan came over at 3pm
  • Wandered back up to school to meet Ali, Sam and Angus 5:30 ish
  • Headed into town and went into a local restaurant 
  • Met Hannah, Chelsea and Daisy in Daisy's car and then took them to the restaurant for Daisy's surprise 18th birthday meal! 
  • Had a fabulous evening with some of my favourites

Saturday 18th

  • Spent the morning watching YouTube videos and sorting through my Media essay, working on corrections
  • Analysed a couple of music videos 

  •  Lots of food at a wonderful buffet restaurant!

  • CURRENTLY READING: "Vampire Academy" by Richelle Mead
  • CURRENTLY READING: "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins (for RE)

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