Sunday, 5 October 2014

Last Week... | 28.09.2014 - 04.10.2014

Sunday 28th
  • Wandered through town to the station to meet Peter
  • Came back to mine and spent the morning catching up and watching Dr Who
  • Spent the afternoon watching old episodes of Outnumbered 
  • Got some photos taken for my Photography
  • Had a bit of a jam
  • Ate lots of pizza for dinner
  • Took Peter back to the station and came home to watch The X Factor
  • Ended up feeling really ill in the evening

Monday 29th
  • Woke up feeling ill so stayed off school for the day
  • Did manage to get a few bits of work done though

Tuesday 30th
  • Returned to school! 
  • Had a supp study period in the morning so chilled with Sam and Lucy
  • Went to mentor briefly and headed out onto the field for a whole school photograph
  • Had a double Media lesson in which we watched "Memento" 
  • Spent lunch with Nathan and Angus
  • Had Photography with the wonderful Amy

Wednesday 1st
  • Had a driving lesson in the morning which went really well!
  • Discussed secularisation in RE
  • Got on with my coursework essay in Media
  • Came home and chilled out for the evening

Thursday 2nd
  • Had a very productive double Photography lesson in the morning, and managed to get an entire shoot edit finished
  • Went to a double RE lesson, in which I wrote an essay under timed conditions
  • Came home and got lots of Media work sorted 

Friday 3rd
  • Went into school and spent a free period chilling in the common room with some friends
  • Headed up to Media for 50 minutes of attempting to be productive (unsuccessfully)
  • Went to a driving lesson which was probably the best one I've ever had! 
  • Spent the afternoon at home, hanging out with my friend Caz, watching Misfits and eating pizza 
  • Picked Amy up at 7:30 for a friend's eighteenth birthday party! 

Saturday 4th

  • Went into town with mum and did a lot of shopping
  • Came home and caught up on Coronation Street from Friday night
  • Got lots of work done in the afternoon, then started learning to knit

  • A new dress
  • Lots of wool and some knitting needles
  • Some fabric and thread for when I make a cushion 
  • A book on how to knit
  • A pack of UNO cards

  • "Rivers of London" by Ben Aaronovitch

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