Wednesday, 5 November 2014

An Update on "The Little Black Book"

A little while ago I wrote THIS POST about a little book that I'm using to help motivate myself and get my creativity going. I said that I'd update you on it, and thus far I've not done that. I thought I'd do that right now for you guys and show you my current favourite image from the book.
I've actually started a little page which you can find on the left. I've titled it "The Little Black Book" and every time I add an image to my book, it will be posted there. You can also view the full list of images I want to take in order to complete the book.

My current favourite image that is in the book is this:
Starts with Tea
I placed this photograph in the book because it comes under the category "Starts with T". 
I actually really enjoyed creating this photograph and have been working on editing and adapting them to make them fit my photography coursework project.

To view the page I've created, click HERE.

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