Saturday, 1 November 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT & My Month in Photos | October 2014

Over the past month, it's been pretty quiet here on my space of the internet.
November is my birth month. It probably doesn't mean much to many of you, but it's very exciting for me as I'm going to be eighteen! FINALLY. With that in mind, I wanted to do something on my little space of the internet in celebration, and therefore I have decided that for the entirety of this month I will be posting EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Each day, you will receive a minimum of ONE post from me, I've organised my month so that it doesn't include baking or book reviews, so on some days you may well get two posts. Every day, the post should be up at 7am, and on days with two posts, they will arrive at 7pm!
I'm really excited to challenge myself to do this, and I hope you enjoy my content for the month!

Today's post is "My Month in Photos", as always at the start of each month. It's a quick recap of the highlights of my month using photos I've uploaded to Instagram, taken on my phone but not uploaded and/or taken in/for Photography with my big girl camera!

Myself and Amy at Josephine's 18th birthday party! | I started learning how to knit | I spent focus day with my dear friend Nathan

A cheeky early morning selfie | I discovered the beauty of the 'Chocolate and Slime' cake | I absolutely LOVE Halloween

Amy and I in Photography | Fun times in the common room with Amy, Ali and Hannah | Fun times in the common room part 2 with Ali, Hannah, Amy and Angus

Spent a fabulous evening with some of my absolute best friends for Daisy's 18th | Spent a couple of days with the incredible Peter | Did my nails with Ciate's nail caviar

All ready to go out with the best mate Nath | Out and about at Emily's 18th with Nathan | Indulged in some Ben & Jerry's

Had a fantastic time with some of my best friends at Hannah's surprise 18th birthday party | I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST | I got given lots of chocolate for passing (yay me!)

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