Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Nail Polishes

I have quite a large collection of nail polishes (probably too many, if I'm honest) and every season I try and change up the colours I wear in order that I don't go to the same nail polishes all the time. Over Autumn and into the early part of Winter, there are eight nail polishes that I will be wearing which are absolutely fabulous in their own ways. Today I thought I'd share them with you so you can (maybe) get some inspiration into what's available and what's worth buying.

A beautiful light brown colour from Kelly Brook's range (available at New Look). I love this colour because it's very subtle and easy to wear. It matches well with almost anything and is exceptionally versatile. I do not know the name of this colour as it is not written on the packaging but I think it would be quite easy to track down.

Another light brown colour which is slightly darker than the previous. It's titled "150 Mauve Kiss" and comes from the Maybelline Color Show range. It's another beautiful subtle shade for the Autumn, but it does take a while to dry completely (one of the minor drawbacks of buying cheap nail varnish). If you've got the patience for it, this is a great little product worth buying.

This is a beautiful textured glittery nail polish by Barry M. It's in the colour "Countess" and, although it looks pretty brown in the packaging,  it comes out quite a nice dark purple colour with gold glitter running through it. I love this a lot (it's what I'm wearing right now!) but it can be a bit of a pain to take off. 

Another dark shade that I've chosen is from the Maybelline Mino Colorama range. It's in the colour '145 Red Wine' and I actually really love it. It's perfect for the evenings in my opinions, although when paired with the right pieces could work really well at any time of day.

This is a nail varnish that I was given last year for my birthday. It's from Avon's range and is in the colour 'Fiery Sky'. It works really well as a top coat over other colours, and is nice on it's own at times (depending on my mood). Even though it's glittery, it comes off pretty well as well! My camera clearly did not want to focus on this one very well at all.

The Bourjois Anti-Choc No Chips range is one that I'm very fond of. This is the shade '16', a very nice shade between pink and red (it's difficult to describe). It's a bit brighter than the previous products of mentioned, but is not too overpowering.

This is a beautiful orange shade from Rimmel's "I Heart Lasting Finish" collection called '200 Orange Your Life'. It's much brighter than the previous colours, and really stands out. Perfect for the daytime and perhaps not as good at night.

The brightest shade that I have to share with you today is another from Kelly Brook's range. As with the first colour I mentioned, it does not have a name but can be picked up from New Look stores around the country, I'm sure. It's an exceptionally bright orange shade, it kind of reminds me of a highlighter, and I love it lots. It's super bold and a little daring but great if you've got the courage and want something that's going to stand out.

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