Friday, 7 November 2014


In recent weeks/months, 'consent' has become a massive deal around the blogging/YouTube community. I thought that I'd talk about it on my blog today, because consent is a pretty big deal to me surrounding all aspects of life.

When discussing consent as a theme or topic, the first thing that probably comes to mind is sex. It's a good thing that it does these days as well, because it has led to a great number of people taking a stand against those who feel they can use and abuse their position of power or authority in order to get what they want. Having sex (or performing sexual acts) without someone's permission is obviously wrong.
Let's apply the principle of gaining consent to something more trivial for a moment. You would expect someone to ask you before they borrowed your personal belongings. Be it a phone or a pen, if you didn't give someone permission to take something from you, you'd probably be pretty annoyed (I know I would). Although it's a trivial thing and they might only need to borrow it for a minute, I know that I'd probably either moan at them for doing things without asking me, or ignore it at the time but seethe about it later.
The example may be trivial, but it leads me nicely to the point I want to make. You wouldn't want someone to take something of yours without permission, so why do you feel that you can take something of their's.

I'd like to draw all of your attention to the beauty of a little song by Youtubers Jack and Dean, which made me laugh a lot but also gives a fantastic message:

I'd also like to point out at this moment, that consent is necessary in any situation. If you're 'friends' with someone, been in a relationship with them for 5 years, or you have only just met them, don't presume that people are willing to give things away to you without confirmation, and don't push people in to doing things they don't want to do.

If only everyone could understand these simple rules...

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