Tuesday, 18 November 2014

It's My Life

In the past few weeks while I've been writing these little posts, I've become quite reflective and thought quite a lot about how things apply to my life which is, essentially, my life.

I made a rather chatty video about growing up and making decisions on my YouTube channel in October (you can view it above if you wish). In the video I talk through a few of my own experiences, and I mention five tips that can help others that are struggling with the whole growing up and making decisions thing. It might not be the most useful video to the masses, but it really helped me to get my thoughts in order and realise that I need to worry less and do more.

In the past couple of years, there have been so many moments when I've felt that I should or shouldn't do something because it's what others expect of me. I'm done with that now. Pleasing other people, I've realised, is not what life's about. It may well be a bi-product of pleasing yourself, but it shouldn't be the total aim. If I am not happy then what is the point?

In recent times, there have been plenty of moments where I've really felt the pressure of everything and wanted to give up. Giving up is always the most appealing option because it's the easiest. However, there are some things that are impossible to just 'give up' on. If you know me well then you'll probably have an understanding of some of the parts of my life that have meant so much to me that letting go is simply not an option. My advice to those of you in moments where you feel that giving up is not what you want to do is, quite simply, don't.

I'm not professing to be any great expert in this field. I'm definitely not the wisdom over every aspect of every life and so obviously things might be different in different circumstances. Giving up is not an option for me any more, not on things that matter. If you feel like you can give up on something successfully then my conclusion is that it probably didn't really matter to you in the first place, and if that's the case then there is no point in holding on to it.

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