Sunday, 9 November 2014

Last Week... | 02.11.2014 - 06.11.2014

Sunday 2nd
  • Very ordinary day of taking photographs, eating Ben & Jerry's and catching up on TV 

Monday 3rd
  • The return to school from half term
  • Had double Photography in the morning, which was rather dull because Amy was not there (she was taking her driving test which she passed by the way!)
  • Had a double free in the middle which consisted of me chatting to friends about holidays etc.
  • Double Philosophy in the afternoon was the start of our new topic "death and beyond" and was actually very interesting

Tuesday 4th
  • Had double supp study in the morning in which I got a lot of work done
  • Headed for double Media with Amy. Miss informed me of what I need to do for my retake and I started writing lists for character analyses of Memento, Argo and The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • A single Photography lesson in the afternoon saw me putting in some effort to find a few artist links for my essay
  • Headed out with Amy for a drive in her mum's car - yes McDonalds!

Wednesday 5th
  • I filmed a video in the morning and headed into school for assembly
  • I had a double free which I spent hanging out with Amy and Nathan
  • Philosophy involved discussing Christian views on what happens after death
  • I spent lunch working on media research while eating a lovely Nando's bought for me by my best buddy Amy
  • The afternoon was spent in the media room discussing production ideas followed by Amy giving me a lift home because it was tipping down

Thursday 6th
  • Photography consisted of mounting and printing a few bits of work and completing a little write up
  • RE was spent reading and comparing different biblical passages 
  • I headed home at lunch and got on with editing this weekend's video
  • Started watching New Girl and wrote some blog posts 

Friday 7th

  • Got a lift to school from the lovely Amy
  • Had a single Media lesson in which I started getting together a few ideas for my production 
  • Got a lift home from Lizzie and got on with writing my Media script
  • Hoovered the house and then settled down to watch some YouTube videos
  • Amy headed over to mine and we went to the post box and Sainsbury's together

Saturday 8th
  • Peter's 20th Birthday!
  • Started my Christmas shopping with mum in the morning!
  • Got on with some Media research in the afternoon 
  • Headed out to a local fireworks display in the evening with Amy

  • Lots of lovely Christmas presents for my firends

  • CURRENTLY READING: "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger


  1. Love reading your blogs Bev. This particular week was also all about Amy! Hehe xx

    1. Thank you Kathy :') I noticed that as I wrote it, think I spend too much time with her... tehehe :') xx