Sunday, 16 November 2014

Last Week... | 09.11.2014 - 15.11.2014

Sunday 9th

Monday 10th

  • Double Photography: got on with writing my essay (and didn't get very far...)
  • Double Supp: Started pulling together some rough ideas for my Media A2 production
  • Double RE: Looking at feminist perspectives on the Bible

Tuesday 11th

  • Double Supp: Completed a rough draft of my Media A2 storyboard 
  • Double Media: No teacher, spent the lesson watching old A2 Media productions to get some inspiration
  • Double Photography: Made good progress with my essay, completed the entire introduction

Wednesday 12th

  • Double free: Plenty of time for a nice relaxing bath and some blogging before wandering to school
  • Double Media: Still no teacher, managed to get a digital version of a majority of my storyboard
  • Free: Sat in the common room doing a bit of RE work 
  • Headed out to Nathan's driving lesson with him after school
  • Got my entire digital storyboard for Media completed

Thursday 13th

  • Double Photography: Had a review with Miss about my progress, got lots to do by the looks
  • RE: A bit of work on fundamentalist views on the Bible
  • Philosophy: A little chat about Christian attitudes towards death
  • Double Media: Got on with some exam prep for a mock next week

Friday 14th

  • Philosophy: Continued talking about Christian attitudes towards death
  • RE: Continued talking about fundamentalist views on the Bible
  • Booked a restaurant for a birthday meal with friends
  • Got my Philosophy work done
  • Came home and had a long chat with dad about cars
  • Made masses of progress on my Photography essay

Saturday 15th

  • Finished a 2000 word essay!
  • Headed to my grandparents house in the afternoon for a chat 
  • Amy picked me up in the evening and we headed to Sainsbury's and to hers for pizza and a film with Becca

  • CURRENTLY READING: "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger (still...)

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