Sunday, 23 November 2014

Last Week... | 16.11.2014 - 22.11.2014

Sunday 16th

  • Spent the day getting on with work, and the evening watching Love Actually, the first Christmassy film of this year!

Monday 17th
  • Had double Photography in the morning which I spent re-editing a series of photographs
  • I had a double free in the middle, so I sat in the common room chatting with Angus and Steph among others
  • Double Philosophy in the afternoon was spent chatting about attitudes to death from different religious perspectives

Tuesday 18th
  • I had a supp study period in the morning which I spent with Hannah
  • I completed half a mock Media exam before walking to the train station with the RE prefects 
  • The six prefects and our RE teacher jumped on a train to Maidstone, and had a McDonald's for lunch before heading to a Youth Sacre meeting - was actually really interesting, we discussed evil predominantly 

Wednesday 19th
  • My double free in the morning was spent sorting out blog posts and writing an essay for RE
  • I headed into school for a single free, in which myself, Amy, Nathan, Hannah and Chelsea wandered to Lidl 
  • Philosophy was spent writing a short couple of paragraphs
  • I spent the afternoon with Amy in Media, storyboarding productions and writing scripts

Thursday 20th
  • Double Photography in the morning was spent writing up an artist 
  • I had double RE next, in which we watched a documentary about Noah's ark 
  • In the afternoon, Sam and I wandered down to Sainsbury's so I could get some food shopping and some Christmas bits for family

Friday 21st
  • The day was pretty unproductive
  • Popped to town briefly just before lunch
  • Headed home to clean the house
  • Went to school to hang out with Amy, Angus and Nathan in the common room
  • Headed to a local restaurant for my 18th birthday meal with some of my favourites :') 
  • Peter arrived home!

Saturday 22nd

  • Spent the day with Peter
  • Watched Orange is the New Black
  • Baked some cookies
  • Played some board games 
  • Watched Home Alone

  • Memento on DVD
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel on DVD

I've given up on "The Catcher in the Rye" for a bit, so I've moved on to "Eleanor and Park" by Rainbow Rowell for the time being!

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