Sunday, 2 November 2014

Last Week... | 26.10.2014 - 01.11.2014

Sunday 26th
  • Spent the day with Katrina and Mat, who came home from London for the day
  • Played Uno
  • Ate a lovely curry for dinner

Monday 27th
  • Went to Ali's in celebration of Hannah's 18th
  • Had a fabulous day with some of my best buddies, was actually so nice to hang out with and see them 
  • Laughed a ridiculous amount

Tuesday 28th 
  • Got a new carpet fitted in the living room 
  • Popped into a variety of different shops to pick up new cushions, lamps and kitchenware
  • Re-organised the living room 
  • Got some photographs taken for my Photography coursework

Wednesday 29th
  • Had an early morning driving lesson 
  • Did a spot of baking
  • Wrote some future blog posts 

Thursday 30th
  • Headed out for a driving lesson in the morning before my test
  • Completed and passed my driving test with only 3 minor faults!
  • Came home and spent the afternoon with serious back pain

Friday 31st
  • Spent the morning editing photos for Photography and discussing ideas for Media with Amy 
  • Headed out to a couple of local furniture shops and picked up some new tables for the living room 
  • Went to Matalan and bought a large bird cage candle holder in black (it's so beautiful and looks fabulous in the living room) 

Saturday 1st
  • The morning was spent chilling out and walking to the station
  • Met Peter and wandered back to mine
  • Spent the afternoon watching Monsters University and eating Half Baked Ben & Jerry's 
  • Spent the evening sewing together bits and pieces for the cushion I am making while watching X Factor

  • Nothing for myself really, but lots of little bits for the house that I adore

  • CURRENTLY READING: "Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do" by Michael J. Sandel (for RE)
  • CURRENTLY READING: "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins (for RE)
  • CURRENTLY READING: "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger

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