Thursday, 6 November 2014

Life of a Blogger | Concerts

I'm not a massive concert go-er because of my lack of funds/time, but I have been to a couple in the past that I thought I'd share with you.

My first ever concert was to see Ellie Goulding with my friend Siobhan. It was quite a small gig, and it was before she became super famous all over every where (it was still packed though!) I think we went to it in 2010, sort of around my birthday. It was a crazy experience, particularly as I wasn't very old. We stood quite far back for the entire gig so that we could escape quickly, and to avoid massive groups of drunk individuals who were bouncing around in a massive crowd. I definitely had too many layers on (definitely an amateur at this gig thing) and wasn't expecting to see girls fainting around me. Actually quite concerning when you're trying to enjoy yourself.

The second gig I went to was to see Mumford and Sons with Peter, Siobhan, Kat and Mat. It was a super fun gig and we definitely got more into it than the previous. They played lots of their best songs (as well as some new ones) and it was just fantastic. I adored every second of that evening, although my feet absolutely killed afterwards and I was knackered.

They're the only two proper gigs I've been to. I did head to BST Hyde Park this summer though, which I wrote THIS POST about. It was absolutely amazing and I had such a good time!

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