Monday, 24 November 2014

My 17th Year

The past year has been pretty crazy for me with so many ups and downs, so I thought I'd run through a few of the bits and bobs that have been going on with me over the past year, starting in November 2013. I've posted every video I uploaded in this post, as well as links to every post I've written since June 2014 (when I changed my blog URL) not including "Last Week" posts.

November was a pretty good month for me on the whole. It saw me turning 17, going to London independently, making lots of new friends and spending time with the people I love the most. It was definitely a good month on the whole.

Apart from the joys of Christmas, December was actually a pretty tough month for me. It was a stressful month at school as I tried to keep on top of everything while mum was in hospital. I also had a horrific start to the month, seeing a brief end to one of the most beautiful things I've ever been in possession of. It was devastating and definitely emotional, but was worth it in the end because I think it made me a much stronger person.

I vowed in January to make a fresh start. Mum came out of hospital and I managed to get a lot of my Media coursework done, something that had been really stressing me out. I also felt much more involved with things at school when I helped the RE department at an open evening. January also saw me spending more time with my sister. We did lots of shopping and had a lot of laughs and, to be honest, I think we became particularly close around this time.

I began to feel much more accepted at school. Made closer friends with Amy and spent lots of time being me and making memories and trying to enjoy myself. It was a very stress-free month for me. I also started properly getting into reading in this month, and was excited to collect and read as many books as possible.

I won my first EVER giveaway in this month! I also started my driving lessons which were a great escape from the stresses of life for me and have actually led me to gain a good friend as well which is nice. I spent lots of time hanging out with friends and generally being as social as possible with people.

I started seriously knuckling down with revision for my AS exams, and also gained my RE prefect badge which was an awesome day for me. I completed my first exam of the year which was in Photography. It was a stressful two days but was worth the hassle in the end.

This month consisted of lots of hard work and exam preparation and tested out a few new products. I ran my first ever giveaway for a book called "The School for Good & Evil" by Soman Chainani and completed all of my exams. I headed to my sister's university a couple of times to give her a hand with some work, and headed out for dinner with some friends in celebration of Amy's 17th birthday. This was the month I significantly got into candles and made a massive Wilkinson's purchase of them. I also passed my driving theory test which I hadn't anticipated, and got my hands on a graphics tablet.

In June, I began this brand new blog of mine which quickly became my favourite thing and probably is something I'm more proud of than anything else. I started getting prepared for Summer, buying sunglasses and suncream and wearing less layers. I reorganised my life, as well as my make up drawers and began A2 courses at school. I headed out to watch The Fault In Our Stars with some of my best friends (and cried a lot), and went to Canterbury to see my sister's friends perform in their version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Ed Sheeran's album Multiply arrived on my doorstep and I, somehow, gained a lot more spare time.

I bought my Gerbera (which sits on my windowsill looking beautiful) and spent a lot of time with friends. BST Hyde Park was this month so I headed to London with George, Kat and Mat, and also participated in Rounders Day and Sports Day at school. School finished for the Summer holidays meaning I got to spent lots of time chilling with friends and generally re-energising before school restarted.

August saw me beginning the Harry Potter series for the first time (I'm still working on it now!). I started "The Little Black Book" project and also got heavily into baking. My AS exam results came in which I was very pleased with, and we also began redecorating our living room. This was the month that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge became exceptionally popular so I got involved in that as well!

My sister moved to London and I returned to school. I got my new timetable and managed to drop English meaning my workload became less and my focus and drive increased. I headed up to London to visit Peter and also got sent some beautiful items including my personalised photo magnets from PicStick and the scent 'Snow' by the Library of Fragrance.

I got on with learning how to knit and spent a lot of time trying to work out what I'm doing with my life when I leave school. I also got really into the Halloween spirit and ate lots of Halloween goodies in honour of the festival (we all love food!). It was a month of creating and strengthening friendships meaning there was lots of time spent chilling in the common room and having a great laugh with some lovely people. I headed out for a surprise birthday meal for Daisy, and also attended a surprise birthday party for Hannah. Somehow, at the end of the month, I managed to pass my practical driving test as well meaning I'm now officially a legal car driver (or I would be if I had a car!).


  1. Wooo, someone else trying to balance A Levels and blogging! I'm just starting out so I would really appreciate any tips you may have :)
    Seems like you've had such a busy year but then again, I think we all are at the moment! When's your birthday? Bet you're excited to turn 18!
    I'm surprised you dropped English with the amount of books you read! Then again, I find English tends to make me want to read LESS, not more!
    Megan x

    1. Thank you for heading over and commenting lovely! My biggest blogging tip is to plan ahead, that definitely helps! And also accept that you can't always do everything, and sometimes you have to let the blogging slide a little.
      It's been a very busy and rather chaotic year, full of lots of ups and downs, but it's definitely been worth it in the long run! My birthday is actually tomorrow (25th!) and I am so excited, probably too excited.
      That is the precise reason I dropped English in the end! It made me dislike reading, which I didn't enjoy!

  2. Looking seriously organised here :') <3