Monday, 3 November 2014

My Candle Collection

If you know me well then you'll know that I adore candles - they are literally fabulous for any occasion.
In the past year, I appear to have grown quite a collection of them, so today I thought I'd share them all with you. You'll probably work out quite a lot about my favourite scents from this little post as well.

I have three candles in jars. They're probably my favourite type of candle although they're usually the most expensive. It's so much more convenient to be able to keep everything in one place rather than having to find a candle holder to burn them in. Also, when I've finished burning them, I use the jars to burn other candles in.

Beautiful Home Fragrance "Strawberry Rose"

An obvious Christmas present from last year scented with "Mistletoe & Fig"

The candle I absolutely adore at the moment, in the scent "Pomegranate". It says "the essence of nature Cornucopia" at the top.

I don't have an extensive range of pillar candles because I find that they're the hardest to burn. They generally burn in the middle too quickly so the wax keeps putting the flame out in my experience. Anyway, I've got two of these at the moment!

I picked up a TU "Pink Grapefruit & Lime" from Sainsbury's while shopping with my sister a few months ago.

My lovely best friend Amy bought this for me while she was on holiday in France. It's in the scent "Gardenia" and smells delightful.

Tea Lights
I love tea lights because they look the prettiest, but I find that they don't kick out a lot of scent (probably something to do with their size)

There's three different scents here. The white and green I picked up from Wilkinsons and they both come in packs of 30. The green is in the scent "Apple Orchard" and the white is in the scent "Vanilla". The pink tea lights I picked up from Sainsbury's, they also came in a pack of 30 and, to be honest, I can't remember what the scent is - I know it's floral though!

I don't mind buying into the Halloween phase of the year, and these "Ghostly Treats" tea lights by Yankee Candle were the perfect way for me to treat myself without putting excessive amounts of weight eating sweets!

'Sampler' Sized
The size that I seem to own most of is 'sampler' sized. They're cheap and easy to get hold of, and they actually last quite a while and throw out a lot of scent. I'd definitely recommend buying one of these to ensure you like the scent enough to want to get something bigger. 

My sister bought these three for me when she was in Wales with her boyfriend's family this summer. They're by the brand "Heart & Home" and they are in the scents "Dawn Mist", "Rambling Rose" and "Lily of the Valley".

A short trip to Wilkinsons in the spring led me to buying these cuties. A pack of three "Cotton Fresh" scented candles.

I'm obsessed with Yankee Candle, they're probably my favourite candle brand because the scents are so strong. I bought these three quite recently: "Wedding Day", "Black Cherry" and "Cranberry Ice".

I also own "Garden Sweet Pea", "Fresh Cut Roses" and "Pink Hibiscus".

My sister bought me a boxset of Christmassy scents last year, and these are the ones I have remaining to be used this year: "Christmas Cookie", "Christmas Memories" and "Snowflake Cookie".

I also have "Merry Marshmallow", "Apple & Pine Needle" and "Christmas Eve". I found that the cinnamon scents were a little too much for me in this collection, so I actually ended up throwing those away, a bit of a waste of a candle but they literally made me feel ill every time they were wafted under my nose.

On a recent trip to the town, I picked up these two lovely looking scents in honour of the Christmas spirit, "Frosted Snow" and "Rainwashed Berry"

And that is my entire collection at the moment! Obviously it's ever-changing as I burn them and buy new ones but I hope you enjoyed this post! I might do an updated one in a few months, who knows? 

See you tomorrow!

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