Saturday, 27 December 2014

I'm in London!

As I've mentioned in the last couple of days on here, I'm spending my New Year in London with Peter and his flatmates, and I thought I'd write a little update about what I'm doing already.

This morning I had to get up super early, because Peter needed to get back in time for work. I spent a majority of the morning travelling on various different methods of public transport. I got the train to St. Pancras and then got the tube to Hammersmith before having to grab a replacement bus service to Peter's, because the District line is not available in some areas at the moment or something.

Anyway, we all know that I hate travelling. It's easily my least favourite thing to do and quite often I get quite panicked or claustrophobic when I'm packed into a small space with lots of people.

Today generally wasn't too bad. I did have a couple of moments, once in a lift and the other on the bus, when I thought 'crap, I can't do this' but all in all, with the help of my lovely boyfriend, we arrived back at his flat. What a hero.

So I'm sitting in his room on his laptop writing this post, and this is where I shall be updating from for the next week or so. There's no guarantee that I'm going to be able to write lots of posts, and I highly doubt there'll be many photographs until I return home and get my game back on, but at the moment I'm happy with that.

This New Year is going to be a good one for sure, I'm going to be the one that makes it that way. Nothing is going to bring me down at the moment, I'm too happy with life to worry about little things that I can't control.

I hope you all have a good 2015 if I don't update before New Year's Eve.

See you soon!

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