Thursday, 8 January 2015

BlueBelles Photography Makeover

You might have seen the post I wrote a million years ago, you might have noticed the little image in the sidebar or you might have noticed an abundance of tweets about this in the past couple of days.

Seeing as we've just hit 100 likes on Facebook, I thought now would be a really good time to write this post. Predominantly because I'm very happy.

BlueBelles Photography is a little something I've been working on (not very often) over the few months with my beautiful best friend Amy (who gets like a million mentions on here). We didn't really have the time to dedicate to it when we started, but I guess with the end of sixth form in sight we've both become quite a lot more encouraged to try and do whatever it takes to maximise the opportunities we get in our futures.

Just yesterday we started properly getting our acts together and working on getting a bit of a following. We started by creating a Facebook page, Twitter and sorting out our blog so it looks a lot nicer. We're very proud of it all at the moment, and I'd really love it if you'd go and check out the links that I've left on this page and maybe give us a like or a follow?

We'll be sharing a photo a day on Twitter, and we'll also be writing blog posts containing inspirational ideas and lots of images (of course).

Thank you so much for your continued support of this little blog.
I love you all.

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