Sunday, 11 January 2015

Last Week... | 04.01.2015 - 10.01.2015

Sunday was basically panic day. It was the day before the first day back to school and I realised I had a lot of work to be done that I'd basically put off for most of the Christmas holidays. I did decide, however, to make a spontaneous purchase and buy a new camera. It's a Canon bridge camera (which I've named 'Baby Canon' because it literally looks like a tiny version of my DSLR) and I actually do really love it. 
On Monday, I had to motivate myself a little bit to get up, but once I was at school it was literally like I hadn't been away. Photography was basically spent catching up with people and trying to work out what to do for my next shoot. I had a double supp study session in which I attempted to revise and in the afternoon I had a Philosophy mock (I got a B in the end, so I was pretty chuffed).
On Tuesday and Wednesday, Amy abandoned me (due to back pain, it's not like she just decided not to come in), so I had to sit through two lots of double Media alone. It did mean that I managed to get a lot more Photography work done, so my portfolio is a lot more up to date now than it was. On the Wednesday, the two of us worked really hard to set up BlueBelles properly, and a majority of the day was spent promoting that and trying to make sure everything looked right on our blog. 
On Thursday, she returned to school (yes!) so the day was spent making further Photography related decisions. We also managed to hit and exceed a whopping 100 likes on our Facebook page, and we're still slowly climbing now which we're super proud of and so happy about. (Thanks if you're one of the people that liked it). 
My Friday morning was pretty much entirely spent with Sam, but in the afternoon I headed out of school with dad and he tried to change the battery in my phone, which absolutely killed it. After hours of faffing and no real joy, at 1AM we decided to stop and continue on Saturday. 
Just by chance, we did manage to get the phone working again (after a lot of faffing) and I'm super happy that I don't have to try and scrape together the cash to get another one. 
Caz popped round and we headed into town to get links taken out of my watch (it fits now!) and then we came back to mine to do a bit of filming. The evening was spent attempting to learn Clarity on Joff's recommendation. 

  •  My new camera! (and nothing else because I'm suddenly very poor)

  • The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

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