Thursday, 1 January 2015

My Month in Photos | December 2014

This month has been fantastic, and exceptionally festive. I hope you all had a superb Christmas, and that 2015 is better for you than 2014 was.

As always, this is my month in photos. It's a pretty short post this time, because I've been spending more time having fun than taking photographs.

I bought some new fairy lights for my room which I'm absolutely in love with | I really got into doing my nails and picked up these beautiful stick-on ones from Superdrug | I helped out at a younger years disco with Chelsea and Amy

 Spent a lot of time with Amy | Headed to a local pantomime with the school | My lovely Philosophy teacher made us all cake for our last lesson of 2014

I headed out to take a photo of my friends' dog, Jaxson, who I love infinitely | I bought a UV lamp and some gel nail polish | Christmas day was spectacular. I received two of my absolute favourite presents in the history of the world, a rose gold watch and a beautiful bracelet

Headed to Peter's in London for New Year and had a games night with Sandy and Joff (image courtesy of  Sandy) | Headed out for a spot of late night shopping with Peter before seeing Sandy in Shakespeare in Love | Went for a walk to the shops and took this beautiful picture of the view from Putney Bridge

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