Monday, 16 February 2015

Last Week... | 08.02.2015 - 14.02.2015

It’s a day late so massive apologies! This weekend has been exceptionally busy and I didn’t have the opportunity to sit down and write this little post.
This week was the final week of term, and it was also the first week of me cracking on with my Photography exam work. On Monday morning, I completed a lovely shoot with the beautiful Amy who you probably all know by now because she gets mentioned so often. 
I also got lots of Media filming/editing done this week - it's going pretty well although there's definitely still more I need to do and not much time to do it... it's a hard life. 
I headed down to Subway, for the first time in ages, in the middle of the week to grab some lunch with Sam. It was definitely worth walking for half an hour in total longer than necessary. What a good idea that was!
I had a Philosophy mock on Thursday which I think went pretty well, although it's difficult to tell with these things. I suppose we shall have to wait and see what happens when I get the result back for it. 
On Friday evening, I headed up to the school to help sell food/drink at the younger years disco. It was actually a surprisingly good evening of hanging out with Chelsea and Amy, not that I don't do that enough already. 
My Saturday was absolutely awesome. Spent the entirety of the day hanging out with Joff who was visiting from London. What a way to end the week! 
On the whole, this week has been absolutely fantastic. It's definitely had a few down moments, but the ups have outweighed those. 
I'm hoping for a very positive half term which I shall update you on next Sunday. 
Massive thanks for sticking around while my content has gone a bit lapse. 
I love you all. 

  •  A dress that never arrived... (got a refund though, so I'm off to find another one hopefully this week!)

  • CURRENTLY READING: "Everyday" by David Levithan 
  • CURRENTLY READING: "F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way" by John C. Parkin

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