Friday, 27 February 2015

Life of a Blogger | Routines

It's been an exceptionally long time since I last completed a Life of a Blogger post, and unfortunately this is up a day later than it should have been - sorry! 

This week's post is all about routines. I remember only two years ago I had a very set routine on weekdays. Being at school gives you a great structure to life, you have to be there at a certain time, and you leave at a certain time. The lessons of the day may be different but, at my school, the timetables run bi-weekly, so you can guarantee that if you had double maths today, you'll be having double maths in two weeks time. The routine of school was good for me, but also restricted me and stopped me doing the things I might have really wanted to at the time. Nonetheless, I did as I was told and ended Year 11 with some great results. 

Of course, I'm in sixth form now, and although there is still an element of routine in school hours, it's definitely no where near as intense as it was once upon a time. Only a couple of days ago, I was discussing with Amy how difficult it would be to have to return to full days of work and no free periods. 

Outside of school, my life is definitely very varied. My turning 18 has definitely contributed to that... there's nothing wrong with the odd trip to the pub with friends. Plans usually arrive very last minute, there's definitely no real structure in my life outside of school on a large scale. I do, of course, have set ways of applying my makeup and things, but I still try and change that up every day, using new products or trying out a different lip colour with a different outfit. 

I hate the thought of getting stuck in a miserable routine and being, ultimately, bored. I love a bit of variety, and that's what I hope to achieve in my life. 

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