Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Final Focus Day

Focus is defined by Google as follows: 
which is basically a summary of what 'Focus Days' are all about at my school. They generally have a clear point of attention, and are generally considered to highlight things that my school deem necessary to pay particular attention to in life. 
Over the years, I've had many focus days. There's approximately 5 a year, so I've participated in about 35 of them. Some of them have definitely been a lot more useful and a lot more interesting than others. Some of them have also created some really funny memories for me. I'll never forget the laughs that filled the room when I was back in year 9 and we were learning how to put condoms on dildos, or the time that we headed to a local leisure centre to recreate the Single Ladies dance in a bid to keep fit. I'll also never forget participating in a day of 'wedding planning' which our group took way too seriously, and building our own island in year 8 which we had to be able to survive on. They've definitely been varied, unpredictable and (at times) rather amusing.

As you'll be aware, if you're a close friend or you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that the end of my school life is drawing ever closer. Today, the final focus day, only emphasised that for me. Of course, over the years we've complained about them and found them pointless, but secretly I've actually really liked them all... even if it's only because I've been off timetable for a day.

The theme for today's focus day was "Life after school". A sad one to end on, I can't deny, but once again a varied and unpredictable day. 
The first session was all about car maintenance, something that was actually quite useful in some ways. I passed my test back in October and haven't driven since (damn extortionate insurance costs for new drivers!) I loved driving immensely but, seeing as I don't have my own car, haven't really been all that concerned about it since. Today reminded me of all the little important tips and hints that are good to keep in mind when I do eventually get my first car. It's simple things like checking tyre pressures and tread depths that are often overlooked, but are essential. 
This rather relaxed session was followed by a lovely Self Defence lesson. We've had quite a few of these over the years so I already know a few little techniques should I ever need them, although being a weed I'm not sure how effective they'll be. Today, my knowledge was just added to. The instructor reminded us of how important it is to be careful and cautious when we go out into the big wide world. A lot of his stories were aimed at those going to university, but they apply to everyone really. Be careful when you're out and about, you might think you're streetwise but that doesn't make you untouchable or invincible.
I then had to sit through the most dull session of the day. A couple of students that used to go to our school came back to chat about their experiences in their first years of university. Of course, none of what they said applied to me so it wasn't all that interesting but it was nice to hear that they're doing okay and enjoying themselves.
The final session of the day consisted of a nice long chat about budgeting and managing money. I was actually pretty good at this session because I help with the shopping quite a lot, so when we had to give an estimate of how much 10 specific items would cost to buy, my group actually won. As a prize, we were given an Easter egg to share between us which was nice. 
The sessions that I was supposed to be having lunch were cancelled, so it gave me the perfect opportunity to come home and write this little post! 

It's been a fantastic day. Although some of the sessions were not particularly useful to me, it was a good overall experience and it was nice to spend a day in my form group, who I was with for the first five years of my school life daily but haven't seen much since. 

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