Tuesday, 24 March 2015

"Wonder" by R.J. Palacio | Review

SOURCE: Christmas present from Kat
TYPE: Paperback

TITLE: Wonder
AUTHOR: R.J. Palacio
SERIES: Wonder #1
PAGES: 315 (+ a bonus 92 pages)


My name is August.
I won't describe what I look like,
Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse.

This was a super interesting book to read. I particularly liked the fact that there were so many different perspectives given in this book. It would have been so easy for Palacio to write solely from the perspective of August, but there was a great sense of variety in opinions as she wrote 8 different parts to this book. My copy also had the 'bonus' chapter from Julian's perspective which was super interesting to read as well, although I feel I would have been happier if I'd not read that chapter and just left it at the end of the 8 parts.
I feel that the book aims to teach people quite a lot of lessons, and I feel a lot of people could benefit from reading it. It teaches of the struggles people go through for their flaws and unique traits. It touches on how difficult school can be for some, while some seem to breeze through. It also highlights how August's older sister, Olivia, felt about the whole thing, and the impression I got was that she felt very much cast aside by her family, who were all aiming to please August a lot of the time.
The book, most importantly for me, teaches about kindness and consideration in a very simplistic way. We are all different, after all, but are differences do not decrease our worth. We all live in the same world and all have to deal with what life throws at us. It might seem easier for some, but everyone has their struggles behind closed doors.

Like I said, I feel I would have been quite happy to have overlooked Julian's chapter as I felt the story was quite well rounded without it. However, it definitely added a different perspective and reinforced my previous statement that everyone has their struggles behind closed doors. I get the impression that Palacio didn't want us to dislike any of the characters in the book, but to empathise with them all to some level.

I gave the book a very high 5 stars. I loved it. I thought it dealt really well with some potentially difficult issues and that was lovely to see. I've not read a book that dealt with so many ideas surrounding the same issues, and the way the characters all interlinked with each other was really interesting. Definitely give it a read if you get the chance! 

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